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5 Things HVAC Contractors Should Know About Wi-Fi Thermostats

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5 Things HVAC Contractors Should Know About Wi-Fi ThermostatsWi-Fi enabled thermostats are quickly replacing digital thermostats. It is predicted that by 2020, sales of these types of thermostats will surpass digital sales.

Many contractors are making these thermostats part of their package in order to get ahead of the competition.

Here’s what contractors should know in order to give their customers the best service and solutions.

Five Things HVAC Contractors Should Know About Wi-Fi Thermostats

1. Price And Profitability

Wi-Fi enabled thermostats vary in price depending upon the functions and features desired by the customer. When you work with your preferred wholesaler, you can find models that your customers can afford that will also be profitable for your company.

2. Installation

Many of these Internet enabled models come with apps that make the online setup easy. Your technicians should be able to learn the installation fairly painlessly without needing to understand confusing technology. Once your technicians install a couple of times, the installation process may become second nature.

3. Business Promotion

Many models of Wi-Fi enabled thermostats allow heating and cooling companies to program information onto the thermostat itself, such as a company’s name, business logo and contact information. When your customers look at their thermostats, your company will thus be forefront in their minds, which makes it easy for them to reach you when they need service.

4. No C-Wire Needed

Some HVAC contractors are under the impression that their customers need a c-wire in order to use an Internet enabled thermostat. This can seem like a hindrance, as over 60 percent of homes don’t have c-wires. However, there are a number of Wi-Fi enabled thermostats that don’t require a c-wire, so you should always be able to meet the needs of your customer.

5. Enhanced Convenience

Wi-Fi enabled thermostats are generally much easier to use than their digital counterparts. Home and business owners can program setbacks, adjust temperatures, control their thermostat away from the building or home via a smart device and much more. Over 70 percent of current homeowners with programmable thermostats don’t use their energy-saving features, which means the thermostats aren’t utilizing optimal performance. With a simple setup and easy adjustments, Wi-Fi enabled thermostats make it easier for the user to operate, and they also offer convenient, remote access.

Your company can get a leg up on the competition by providing Wi-Fi enabled thermostats for your customers. Both residential and commercial structures can benefit from this new technology.

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2nd Generation Nest Smart Thermostat Now Manages More Heating & Cooling Stages

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2nd Gen Nest Smart Thermostat Now Manages More Stages-BrucesAC.comHVAC technologies have come a long way over the years with continuous innovations moving the industry forward. Thermostats are no longer only a way to merely adjust your temperature setting.

Now they are sophisticated components that can sense the environment and learn from the data gathered. These smart circuits use different algorithms to fine-tune its response to various conditions.

A good example is the Nest Smart Thermostat which is now in its 2nd generation. Nest is a trusted name when it comes to smart thermostats. This new product reinforces its status as a leader in innovation. Let’s take a closer look at this device.

The 2nd Generation Nests’ Improved Capabilities

The latest Smart Thermostat from Nest is able to provide support for as much as three stages of heating and two stages of cooling if attached to conventional models, as compared to the two heating and one cooling for the 1st generation.

It also has the capacity to support 2 stages each for both cooling and heating when paired with heat pumps. These give it better ability to control the outcome and the speed at which the goal is attained. Its decision-making process is guided by algorithms that help come up with the approximate period required to attain the desired temperature. This feature is aptly called Time-to-Temperature, a vital metric when trying to get the timing right for stage activations.

The device will first try to make an estimate of the Time-to-Temperature and then evaluate whether this is a reasonable waiting period. In case it concludes that things are taking too long, then it will begin to activate the next stage of the HVAC system to hasten the process. If the first stage is inadequate, then the thermostat will induce stage two to come to life. If stage two is unable to meet the goal, then stage three will be tapped for assistance.

The aim of such a system is to make certain that those inside the premises are always kept comfortable. The active stage will always be displayed prominently to make the user aware of the situation and react accordingly.

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2 Common HVAC Problems In Phoenix

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Arizona Sunrise - HVAC Problems In Phoenix - Bruces ACTemperatures here in Phoenix are generally either hot or mild throughout the entire year. Unfortunately, heating and air conditioning systems often develop problems that must be dealt with quickly and professionally.

The following are two common problems affecting HVAC systems and how to deal with them.

HVAC Problems In Phoenix That Are Common

Common HVAC problems in Phoenix:


1. Faulty Thermostat

HVAC systems are designed to operate automatically. The thermostat is responsible for switching the HVAC system between heating and cooling. A faulty thermostat may lead to overheating or over-cooling of rooms. Frequent adjustment, low batteries and mechanical damage from impact are to blame for problems associated with thermostats.


2. Coolant Problems

The cooling system in air conditioners has the same working principle as refrigerators. On older units, coolant runs through the evaporator and condenser, absorbing and carrying away heat to the outside. If the coolant leaks, cooling will not take place. A good indicator of coolant problems is abnormal temperature spikes. The AC may be running but the temperature of the room may not be dropping to the desired level. While this may also indicate a faulty thermostat, the level of the coolant in the AC unit should be checked.


HVAC Maintenance And Repairs

Here at Bruce’s Air Conditioning, we offer professional HVAC maintenance and repair services for all you heating and cooling issues. Regular maintenance helps improve the efficiency of your system as well as helps to minimize breakdowns and repairs. We can also advice a homeowner when to replace an old HVAC unit.

As a resident of Arizona, you can count on Bruce’s Air Conditioning to cater to all of your heating and cooling needs throughout the four seasons of the year. Call us now to help protect your HVAC system from the desert heat!


Are Programmable Thermostats Worth It?

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Are Programmable Thermostats Worth It - BrucesAC.comIf you are like a number of homeowners looking to cut the cost of your energy bills, you may have considered spending the money on a programmable thermostat. While most studies show that a programmable thermostat doesn’t save homeowners a lot of money on their energy bills, these same studies show that most people are not using them correctly.

Here are a few ways you can use your programmable thermostat to save money.

Ways Your Programmable Thermostat Can Save Money


Early Morning

Let’s be honest, waking up in a cold house is not fun. Running across the house to turn up the heat and then waiting for it to take the chill out before you get in the shower is time wasted. A programmable thermostat will take care of this issue for you. You will be able to stay in your warm bed while the thermostat adjusts the temperature to your preferences. Setting the thermostat to raise the temperature about thirty minutes before you get up will make getting out of bed easier.

When You Are Not Home

Have you ever wondered how much energy you waste while you are not home? The answer depends on if you manually change the thermostat before walking out the door. Most people do not change the thermostat before leaving for work. A programmable thermostat will allow you to set the temperature to automatically adjust during times you are not home. This is great for people who work long shift or leave town frequently.

When You Are Sleeping

If you are like most people, you climb into bed and snuggle under a few blankets in the winter months. If you are under all those blankets, do you really need your home to be a sweltering eighty degrees too? Probably not, but who wants to wake up to a cold house and wait for the heat to kick on after you run across the house to adjust it to a comfortable temperature? Now you can program your thermostat to turn down the temperature about an hour after you go to bed and turn it back up about an hour before you wake up.

Save Money With A Programmable Thermostat Over Time!

By using your programmable thermostat properly, you can save a fortune on your heating and cooling costs each year. This makes the cost of purchasing a programmable thermostat worth it in the long run.

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