2nd Generation Nest Smart Thermostat Now Manages More Heating & Cooling Stages

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2nd Gen Nest Smart Thermostat Now Manages More Stages-BrucesAC.comHVAC technologies have come a long way over the years with continuous innovations moving the industry forward. Thermostats are no longer only a way to merely adjust your temperature setting.

Now they are sophisticated components that can sense the environment and learn from the data gathered. These smart circuits use different algorithms to fine-tune its response to various conditions.

A good example is the Nest Smart Thermostat which is now in its 2nd generation. Nest is a trusted name when it comes to smart thermostats. This new product reinforces its status as a leader in innovation. Let’s take a closer look at this device.

The 2nd Generation Nests’ Improved Capabilities

The latest Smart Thermostat from Nest is able to provide support for as much as three stages of heating and two stages of cooling if attached to conventional models, as compared to the two heating and one cooling for the 1st generation.

It also has the capacity to support 2 stages each for both cooling and heating when paired with heat pumps. These give it better ability to control the outcome and the speed at which the goal is attained. Its decision-making process is guided by algorithms that help come up with the approximate period required to attain the desired temperature. This feature is aptly called Time-to-Temperature, a vital metric when trying to get the timing right for stage activations.

The device will first try to make an estimate of the Time-to-Temperature and then evaluate whether this is a reasonable waiting period. In case it concludes that things are taking too long, then it will begin to activate the next stage of the HVAC system to hasten the process. If the first stage is inadequate, then the thermostat will induce stage two to come to life. If stage two is unable to meet the goal, then stage three will be tapped for assistance.

The aim of such a system is to make certain that those inside the premises are always kept comfortable. The active stage will always be displayed prominently to make the user aware of the situation and react accordingly.

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