Silver 14 Packaged Heat Pump System

The Silver 14 packaged heat pump system provides reliable, efficient cooling and heating. Featuring a single-row Spine Fin™ coil, Duration™ compressor and the Vortica™ advanced airflow system, the Silver 14 is a packaged heat pump that you can rely on for many years to come.
Compatible with the American Standard AccuClean™ whole home cleaner and available with a range of capacities, there’s a Silver 14 perfect for your specific needs.

Gold 15 Packaged Heat Pump System

As a hybrid all-in-one heating and cooling solution, the Gold 15 packaged heat pump system provides exceptional efficiency and customized comfort. Ideal for homes with limited space or challenging configurations that won’t accommodate separate heating and cooling systems, the Gold 15 offers two fuel choices, as well as the many technologies that are unique to American Standard.
Available in 2.5 ton capacity, the Gold 15 is compatible with the American Standard AccuClean™ whole home air cleaner and includes an industry-leading warranty.

Platinum 16 Packaged Heat Pump System

Gain the advantage of superior efficiency and maximum comfort with the Platinum 16 packaged heat pump system from American Standard. Significantly surpassing government efficiency standards, this system enables you to save up to 50% on your heating and cooling energy usage while also minimizing greenhouse gas emissions.
The Platinum 16 features streamlined cabinet design, a variable-speed blower motor and a two-stage Duration™ compressor for high efficiency. You’ll also appreciate the quiet Vortica™ advanced airflow system which improves airflow throughout your home. Available in multiple capacities for homes of all sizes.

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