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2020 New Year’s Resolutions for Your HVAC System

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With the start of a new decade, it’s a great time to consider a new approach to your HVAC system. If you’ve been struggling with an aging system, you may want to start planning for a new high-efficiency solution. Or, consider upgrading to a smart thermostat, taking maintenance more seriously or just taking a few do-it-yourself steps to better manage the cooling and heating of your home.

Change Your Air Filter

The easiest resolution that you can stick to when it comes to your HVAC system is changing your filter on a regular basis. It takes only a minute, and it can have a big impact on your system’s functionality. A clean air filter prevents dust, dirt and other airborne particles from entering your system, improving air quality while reducing the load on your system.

Schedule Regular Maintenance

At Bruce’s, we recommend regular maintenance for your HVAC system. This includes a tune-up for your air conditioner in the spring and your furnace in the fall. Consider scheduling maintenance before you turn on your system for the season to enable our technicians to find any performance issues before they impact your home’s comfort.

Install a Smart Thermostat

Are you still relying on a manual thermostat? If so, you’re missing energy-efficient features that can save you money! Upgrading your thermostat is quick and easy – something that one of our technicians can do for you in a matter of minutes. Not only can a smart thermostat immediately help you start saving by adjusting the temperature based on your lifestyle, it can track your energy usage so that you can learn new ways to make your home more efficient and environmentally sound.

Upgrade Your HVAC System

If your system is approaching its end of use – usually 10 to 15 years – consider it time for an upgrade. Yes, a new system is a major purchase, but it can significantly improve your home’s comfort while reducing your monthly energy costs. Today’s systems are more efficient than ever. At Bruce’s we’re here to help identify the optimal system for you and your home to optimize energy efficiency and comfort. And, we have a variety of options for financing, as well as the latest information on tax incentives and rebates, too!

Happy New Year

In 2020, don’t take chances with unproven HVAC contractors. Choose Bruce’s Air Conditioning & Heating. With almost 50 years of experience in the Valley, we’re the trusted pros who can ensure your HVAC system is working as it should be all year long.

During the Holidays and Throughout the Year – Bruce’s Air Conditioning & Heating is Grateful for You

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This holiday season, we’re especially grateful for you, our valued customers. You make it possible for us to serve our community and help our neighbors stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Our HVAC Gratitude List for 2019

When it comes to heating and air conditioning, there’s also plenty for all of us to be grateful for, including:

  • High Efficiency HVAC Systems – The biggest energy hog in your home is your HVAC system. So, having a high efficiency system can make a big difference, in terms of home comfort and cost. In fact, you can begin saving money on your very first utility bill following installation.
  • Air Filters – We’re sure you get tired of hearing us say it, but clean air filters do so much to contribute to the indoor air quality inside your home. That’s why we advise changing them out at least six times per year (more if you have pets.) Air filters also make your air conditioner run cleaner and easier. The desert is a dusty place – air filters make us all breathe easier.
  • Smart Thermostats – This handy home device is far more than just a trendy thing to install on your hallway wall. A smart thermostat can do things that a traditional thermostat can’t, including saving you money. A digital, wi-fi connected thermostat enables you to check and control your home’s AC and heat remotely from an app on your phone. It also uses machine learning to optimize energy use based on your usage patterns and your personal temperature preferences.
  • Annual Inspections – Yes, we are HVAC nerds here at Bruce’s, and we appreciate greatly our customers who choose regular maintenance to keep their systems clean and working at their highest levels of efficiency.

Happy Holidays

The holiday season is a time for joy, reflection and gratitude. We thank you for giving us the opportunity to service your HVAC needs. If you have any questions, or (heaven forbid) if something goes wrong with your air conditioning or heating during the season, don’t hesitate to give us a call!

Giving the Gift of Home Comfort

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Each year, many of us struggle to come up with unique holiday gift ideas. If you’re looking for something special that will keep on giving throughout the year for a loved one, consider an HVAC-related gift.

Smart Thermostat

Put a red ribbon on this useful device that can save both energy and money while making their home a little more comfortable. With intelligent HVAC control, your loved one can remotely access and manage their home comfort settings from anywhere – improving system efficiency and longevity.

Seasonal HVAC Service

An HVAC system service that includes inspection, cleaning and tune-up is a great gift for anyone on your gift list. Not only will they gain greater efficiency to lower cooling and heating costs, they’ll gain the benefit of a better functioning, safer system.

Ductwork Cleaning

Do you have a loved one who suffers from allergies or asthma? Consider giving them the gift of clean ductwork. Professional ductwork cleaning effectively removes symptom-inducing contaminants like dust, pollen, dander, mold and bacteria, ensuring that they don’t continue to be recirculated through the HVAC system.

Yearly Maintenance Agreement

Do you have a procrastinator to buy for this holiday season? If you have someone who tends to postpone routine HVAC care, give them a nudge with an annual preventative maintenance agreement as a gift. This includes twice-yearly service to ensure that all components of the system are functioning optimally throughout the year.

A New Air Conditioner

While the air is chilly now, we all know that the heat will be back soon enough. A high-efficiency air conditioner is a must for any Phoenix-area home, and a wonderful gift for any homeowner. If you’re searching for an impactful gift for a spouse or family, consider a new air conditioner. It’s a gift that will keep on giving for many, many years to come.

At Bruce’s Air Conditioning and Heating, we’re here to help you with all of your HVAC gift-giving needs. Call us today at 480-968-5652.

5 Frightening HVAC Noises and What to Do About Them

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With Halloween just around the corner, you may enjoy hearing the spooky sounds from little ghosts and goblins dressed in their costumes. Yet, haunting sounds aren’t quite so entertaining when they’re coming from your HVAC system. In fact, they can be downright alarming, so it’s a good idea to know what to do when you hear them.

Clunk, Clunk, Clunk

It’s the start of furnace season, and a banging can indicate an ignition problem. When a gas valve opens the pilot light or electric starter, it should fire up immediately. If it doesn’t the gas can make a banging sound not unlike that of a zombie knocking on a door. Like with the walking dead, you don’t want to take a wait and see approach. Instead, call out the professionals who can ensure turning on your furnace is a quieter and safer experience.

Rattle, Rattle

Could that rattling sound be from spirits from beyond? Doubtful. It’s more likely the result of a loose blower motor or fan blade in your air conditioner. As time goes on, the sound will grow louder, so why not get it fixed now?

Whining and Moaning

It may sound like ghosts are haunting your house when you hear that telltale whooshing whine or moan. However, this noise typically indicates a malfunction of your system’s motor. Often, it’s a matter of worn bearings which require a technician to replace.

Clacking and Crackling

The sound of a witch’s hands mixing up a deadly brew in her cauldron or just frozen evaporator coils on your air conditioner? The wicked sounding clacking and crackling sound you hear from your air conditioning vents is often the result of dirty evaporator coils that restrict airflow and cause ice buildup.

Have a fun and safe Halloween and don’t forget to overcome your fear of HVAC-related noises by calling Bruce’s Air Conditioning & Heating.

Should Santa Put a New HVAC System Under Your Christmas Tree?

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It seems this year, Santa has received a lot of letters from Phoenix-area residents requesting new air conditioners, which are tricky to transport down chimneys and come with the detailed instructions, “Some assembly required.”

At Bruce’s Air Conditioning, we’d like to do our part during this holiday season. Admittedly, HVAC systems are not typically found on the top of kids’ Christmas lists. However, for households that suffered through the blistering summer of 2018 with substandard AC, giving the gift of temperature bliss and climate comfort all year long could be a big hit with the entire family.

Life Indoors, Cool Comfort and How Temperature Affects Us All

During the long summer months in Arizona, residents spend most of their life indoors. If it’s over 100 degrees outside, indoor temperature becomes a critical element of daily living. Let’s face it, when the air conditioner breaks down, life comes to a screeching halt. Or to paraphrase Vince Lombardi, temperature isn’t everything, it’s the only thing. Studies have shown, raising the temperature inside affects kid’s moods, your productivity and increases everyone’s GCF (General Crankiness Factor). Though largely taken for granted and rarely appreciated until it’s gone – cool, air-conditioned Arizona air inside your home makes summers in Phoenix livable.

Timing Is Everything

It actually makes sense to purchase a new HVAC system at the end of the year because winter is the perfect season for new air conditioner installations. January, February and March tend to be less busy and houses remain at a comfortable temperature while the old air conditioner is being removed and the new unit is being installed. Our experienced service technicians will perform a thorough AC assessment for your home and provide you with options and a detailed plan including a timeline, if you decide you’d like to opt for a new system.

No Need for a New Air Conditioner? Try These Gifts for Temperature-Sensitive Family Members

There are a number of climate comfort gifts this holiday season, including:

  • Wi-fi Enabled Smart Thermostats – Because most thermostats tend to be tremendously reliable, homeowners rarely think about replacing them. However, new smart, wi-fi enabled thermostats are changing the way we cool, heat and control our home temperature. They not only allow you to heat or cool your home more efficiently, they help you save money on energy costs and even let you adjust settings from your phone. A great tech gift for dad which will benefit the whole family.
  • Ceiling Fans – This is not a new or high tech gift but installing ceiling fans can make a huge difference in your home. Ceiling fans not only make rooms more comfortable, they also help lower your energy consumption. Ceiling fans come in numerous styles, shapes and sizes and will add value to your home.
  • Cooling Mattress Pads – Memory foam mattresses have become very popular in the last ten years. However, at night, as you sink into the memory foam, your body tends to generate more heat because there’s less air circulating around your body. Hi tech cooling mattress pads are the answer. This is a “cool” gift for anyone who wakes up feeling too warm.
  • Air Filters – Hey Dad, is it time to change the air filters? Here’s a new set, just for fun!

Happy Holidays from All of Us at Bruce’s Air Conditioning & Heating

If you’ve been considering a new air conditioner for your home, now is a great time to call and schedule an HVAC system evaluation. Our experienced service professionals will assess your current system and your needs and present you with options and information, so you can make the best decision. Call us today.