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Don’t Forget Your HVAC System in 2021

With the year coming to an end, you may be pondering New Year’s resolutions. While some may plan to hit the gym more or better budget their money in 2021, you can resolve to make your HVAC system a priority. Here’s how to do just that.

  1. Check your system’s vents and registers to ensure furniture or household items are not obstructing them.
  2. Schedule monthly air filter replacements. This will optimize your system, improve your indoor air quality and save you money on monthly utility bills.
  3. Schedule twice per year maintenance tune ups for your HVAC system – ideally in the spring and fall. Regular maintenance checks increase the overall efficiency of your HVAC system and substantially decrease the chance of having mechanical problems and breakdowns.
  4. Upgrade to a programmable thermostat which can enable you to control what times of day your HVAC system runs. This will decrease energy costs and lessen the burden on your system.

Haven’t thought about your HVAC system recently? It’s important to remember what an important role it plays in keeping you and your family happy and healthy all year long. By following these simple resolutions, your system will run smoothly and efficiently throughout the year.

Stay Up to Date with Bruce’s Air Conditioning & Heating

At Bruce’s, we understand how important home comfort is in the Greater Phoenix area. That’s why we are dedicated to making it as easy as possible to keep your HVAC system running throughout the year. This includes offering a comprehensive preventive maintenance plan that can help you stay on track. Call us today to learn more at 480-968-5652.

Wishing you a healthy and happy 2021!

Holiday Gift Giving 2020 – Consider an HVAC Maintenance Plan

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Let’s face it. It’s a strange holiday season this year. With many of us avoiding the malls and not having large family gatherings or parties, it feels a little different. But, that doesn’t mean that you can’t still give a thoughtful gift to a loved one. Perhaps more than ever, meaningful, practical gifts will be appreciated. And what is more thoughtful and practical than giving the gift of an HVAC maintenance plan?

Not sold yet? Well, we’ll give you three solid reasons why purchasing a maintenance plan for a homeowning loved one is a gift that they’ll love.

It’s Practical

We’ve all received those thoughtful, but utterly unneeded gifts. You may still have a couple still in boxes from last year. With an HVAC maintenance plan, your loved one can get on track with proper maintenance of one of their home’s most important systems. This means helping them prevent emergency situations and risks that come with poorly maintained heaters and air conditioners.

It’s Unexpected

Your loved ones may just be tired of the same old gift card, jacket, or tech gadget that you give every year. An HVAC maintenance plan is not a typical gift, and it will give them real peace of mind far beyond the holiday season.

It’s Good for Everyone

Whether your gift recipients have just purchased their first home or have entered their golden years, an HVAC maintenance agreement is useful. With this gift, you can help them for years to come and eliminate the hassle of having to remember and schedule annual appointments. We’ll help them stay on track!

At Bruce’s Air Conditioning & Heating, we believe our maintenance plans are a cut above those from other local contractors. So, why not give us a call today and find out how you can give the gift of preventive maintenance. Call us at 480-968-5652.

Gratitude for Your HVAC System This Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving next week, it’s an ideal time to reflect on all we’re grateful for. This should include our home’s HVAC system. All year long, our heating and cooling system quietly works hard to ensure our home is comfortable – even when there are extreme temperatures outside. All that your HVAC system asks for in return is a little attention every now and then.

Keeping your HVAC system happy and functioning at optimal performance begins with scheduling regular tune ups. At Bruce’s, our team of licensed technicians is here to help you get on track and stay on track with maintaining your system. This will extend the life of your system while helping maximize efficiency. In other words, it will save you on your utility bill. Small issues can be addressed before they become major problems. Because maintenance is so important, we highly recommend a service agreement that provides flexible maintenance appointments, savings on maintenance visits and discounts on repairs.

Other Ways to Say Thanks to Your HVAC System This Thanksgiving

Along with regular tune ups, you also can help maintain your system.

  • Dust your vents – This improves your home’s air quality and puts less stress on your system.
  • Change your air filters – Dirty filters make your entire system work harder. Before Thanksgiving, spend a few moments to change your air filter which will help increase efficiency.
  • Clear the clutter around your outside unit – Winter storms are just around the corner. By removing debris, vegetation, and loose items that are in close proximity to your outside unit, you can go a long way towards preventing damage caused by wind and storms.
  • Consider an air filtration system – Air quality has been a focus for all families in 2020. With an air filtration system, you can better protect you and your family from airborne illnesses and allergens.

Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours. And if you need service, call us at 480-968-5652.

Treat and Not Trick Your HVAC System This Fall

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With temperatures still hovering close to the triple digits, it still feels like summer. Yet, relief is in sight with the cool temperatures of fall and winter just around the corner. It’s the perfect time to treat your HVAC system to some preventive care before you have to experience the tricky situation of a system malfunction or breakdown.

HVAC maintenance for your furnace or heat pump should ideally be scheduled before winter arrives. This will ensure you’re prepared for when the cold temperatures hit – and they will! At Bruce’s our HVAC technicians can inspect your system to ensure all parts are functioning as they should be. We clean dirty heat exchangers, igniters and other components. We’ll let you know if there are old or worn out parts that require replacement, too. Moving parts are lubricated, and your system’s electrical components are checked, as well. We’ll finish up with testing and calibrating everything, so you won’t be in for any tricks when you need to flip on the heat.

Treat Your Ducts

Fall is also a great time to have your HVAC system’s ductwork inspected for leaks and cleaned to improve indoor air quality. Not only will you breathe easier, you’ll enjoy a hefty improvement to your utility bill if we find and repair any leaky ducts.

Treat Yourself to a New Programmable Thermostat

Get ready for a cozy and affordable fall and winter by replacing your old thermostat with a new, programmable model. You’ll be able to stabilize your home’s comfort levels and energy bills while reducing the wear and tear on your entire HVAC system.

At Bruce’s, we’re only so good at Halloween-related puns. But, we’re excellent at providing you with the highest quality HVAC service, repair and installation. Why not call us today to schedule your fall tune up, and we’ll treat you to excellent service without any tricks.

HVAC Tips for Labor Day Weekend

Can you believe it? It’s Labor Day weekend! The summer is coming to a close, and those triple digit temperatures will hopefully soon be over for the season. So, what are your plans? If you’re leaving town for cooler weather, follow along with our checklist to prepare your HVAC system for your absence.

Turn Down the Air Conditioning

Conserve energy while saving a few dollars by simply adjusting the temperature setting on your thermostat. If you have a programmable thermostat, you can also easily set it so that your house will be cool and comfortable for when you return. Unless you have pets in your house that would suffer from higher temperatures, turn up the temperature and save money.

Change Your Filters

With summer monsoons soon ending, it’s a good time to replace your air filter. Why not do this one small chore before you head out on your holiday vacation? Clogged filters are a leading cause of HVAC inefficiency. It only takes a few minutes to clean or replace your filter. You’ll not only breathe easier, you’ll appreciate the smaller energy bill, too.

Protect Your Outdoor Unit

It’s a reality that thieves tend to target homes that appear to be unoccupied. Many specifically scope out empty homes on vacation weekends. One of their prime targets is HVAC equipment because it’s expensive and often surprisingly easy to steal. To combat thieves, install lights on timers and motion light sensors. You may also want to consider an HVAC unit cage for added protection. Since the system and the copper in the system is valuable, protection is a must.

Schedule a Fall Tune Up

Another task to add to the pre-vacation to-do list is call for a fall HVAC tune up. Routine maintenance does so much for so little, and it’s as easy as calling Bruce’s today at 480-968-5652.

With a single fall tune up, you’ll help extend the life of your system, reduce the chance of a large-scale breakdown, and increase your energy efficiency.

Happy Labor Day from everyone at Bruce’s Air Conditioning & Heating.