Why You Shouldn’t Tackle DIY HVAC Maintenance

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So you consider yourself handy with a hammer and skilled with a screwdriver. That’s great! You can save yourself a considerable amount of money with even basic handyman skills. However, HVAC maintenance and repairs simply shouldn’t be considered as DIY-friendly. In fact, these tasks should only be left to trained and experienced service professionals, or you could be risking damage to your HVAC system, your home, or even yourself.

Here are the reasons why DIY HVAC is never a good idea.

1. HVAC Systems Require Special Equipment

Both maintenance and repairs of HVAC equipment require specialized tools and equipment that are built specifically for professional HVAC technicians. Common toolbox tools simply won’t get the job done.

2. Safety Concerns

Heating and cooling systems include flammable, pressurized gas, high electrical voltage, toxic combustion fumes and other dangerous items that have the potential of causing injury or even death. And improper work by someone untrained can pose an ongoing risk of fire or carbon monoxide poisoning for the operational duration of the system.

3. Decreased Efficiency

DIY repairs are likely to lead to substandard operational efficiency. System components, that are no longer performing up to manufacturer standards, ultimately lead to higher monthly operating costs in the way of utility bills. And there’s always the chance that you can turn a minor problem into something major unknowingly, which can lead to expensive repairs down the road.

4. Voided Warranty

Manufacturer warranties typically require proof that all maintenance and repairs are performed by qualified HVAC contractors. If you want to maintain your warranty, don’t do the job yourself.

Call Bruce’s Instead

We understand that it can be tempting to attempt a DIY project like HVAC maintenance, but we highly encourage you to put that wrench down and call Bruce’s instead at 480-968-5652. We offer convenient appointments with friendly technicians who can answer your questions and provide the quality service that your HVAC system deserves.