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Why You Shouldn’t Tackle DIY HVAC Maintenance

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So you consider yourself handy with a hammer and skilled with a screwdriver. That’s great! You can save yourself a considerable amount of money with even basic handyman skills. However, HVAC maintenance and repairs simply shouldn’t be considered as DIY-friendly. In fact, these tasks should only be left to trained and experienced service professionals, or you could be risking damage to your HVAC system, your home, or even yourself.

Here are the reasons why DIY HVAC is never a good idea.

1. HVAC Systems Require Special Equipment

Both maintenance and repairs of HVAC equipment require specialized tools and equipment that are built specifically for professional HVAC technicians. Common toolbox tools simply won’t get the job done.

2. Safety Concerns

Heating and cooling systems include flammable, pressurized gas, high electrical voltage, toxic combustion fumes and other dangerous items that have the potential of causing injury or even death. And improper work by someone untrained can pose an ongoing risk of fire or carbon monoxide poisoning for the operational duration of the system.

3. Decreased Efficiency

DIY repairs are likely to lead to substandard operational efficiency. System components, that are no longer performing up to manufacturer standards, ultimately lead to higher monthly operating costs in the way of utility bills. And there’s always the chance that you can turn a minor problem into something major unknowingly, which can lead to expensive repairs down the road.

4. Voided Warranty

Manufacturer warranties typically require proof that all maintenance and repairs are performed by qualified HVAC contractors. If you want to maintain your warranty, don’t do the job yourself.

Call Bruce’s Instead

We understand that it can be tempting to attempt a DIY project like HVAC maintenance, but we highly encourage you to put that wrench down and call Bruce’s instead at 480-968-5652. We offer convenient appointments with friendly technicians who can answer your questions and provide the quality service that your HVAC system deserves.

How to Select the Right Air Filter for Your Home

With spring just around the corner, it’s a smart time to replace one of the most essential components of your HVAC system – the air filter. An HVAC filters most basic function is to remove impurities from the air within your home and protect your HVAC system from damage. But there is more than one option when it comes to choosing a filter.


These are the most common and inexpensive filters. Fiberglass air filters are effective in trapping large air particles, but they’re not the best choice for catching dust and other pollutants like pet dander from indoor air. If you have allergies or other common respiratory problems, you should consider using a higher-grade filter.


Pleated filters are remarkably effective at trapping small particles and provide better filtration than fiberglass, as they’re made from dense screens of cotton or polyester. The pleats provide more surface area for filtration and allow for more air contaminates to be trapped. Both fiberglass and pleated filters should be changed out at least once every three months.

Washable (Reusable)

Washable, reusable air filters can save you money in the long run even though they cost more than disposable fiberglass or pleated filters. They can be easily cleaned by hosing them down or vacuumed to remove particle buildup. In other words, you don’t need to replace them. But, it’s important to clean them according to the recommended schedule provided by the manufacturer. You’ll want to ensure the filter is completely dry before using it to prevent mold and bacteria growth.


Electrostatic air filters trap more particles, including smoke, dust, and pollen particulates through electrostatic charge. This type of filter prevents these particulates from entering your home. Electrostatic filters can be one-time disposable use or washable. The washable electrostatic air filters are eco-friendly but can lose their electrostatic charge over time resulting in decreased ability to catch small particles.


High efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters are a great choice for homeowners with allergies, respiratory issues, or compromised immune systems. They consistently remove up to 99.97% of household contaminants 0.3 microns or larger in size. The US Department of Energy recommends this type of filter in homes and businesses.


UV filters eliminate microscopic elements by using ultraviolet light to kill viruses, bacteria, or mold that can be harmful. This type of filter has become more popular during COVID-19 and can kill microorganisms that other filters cannot. However, it’s important to note that UV filters will not remove dust or most allergens. The best way to clean your home air is a system using both a UV filter and a standard air filter.

Bruce’s Air Conditioning & Heating is your go-to HVAC service company for all your home’s heating and air conditioning needs. Schedule a visit by one of our experts today.

American Standard HVAC System Spring Maintenance Tips

Next week, Arizona meteorologists predict an early return to warm temperatures. This means it’s time to start thinking about spring seasonal HVAC maintenance. As an American Standard Customer Care dealer serving Chandler, Tempe, Santan, and the surrounding cities of the greater Phoenix area, we thought it was a good opportunity to share a few of their HVAC system maintenance tips.

Swap Out the Filter

Replace your HVAC filter before the start of spring to help minimize pollen and other particulates from agitating hay fever symptoms. Do you or a loved one struggle from serious allergies? Consider an American Standard air cleaner to further limit particles from entering your indoor air. Call Bruce’s today for a free quote.

Test and Clean the Cooling System

Schedule your maintenance check and HVAC cleaning from Bruce’s, your local American Standard Customer Care dealer and maintain your system’s efficiency. Small issues will also be identified and fixed before they turn into expensive breakdowns.

Clear the Condenser

Take a few minutes to clear the area around your outdoor air conditioning condenser from weeds and other vegetation that can hinder air from moving freely around the unit.

American Standard has been enabling families to enjoy home comfort with a wide range of HVAC services for 140 years. At Bruce’s we’re proud to represent this quality, long-lasting brand. And as an American Standard dealer, we are dedicated to providing you with the latest information on models and their features and benefits. Want the inside scoop on financing, rebates, warranties and discounts? We have that, too. Call us today to get started.

Presidents’ Day White House HVAC Fun Facts

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To commemorate Presidents’ Day 2021, we pulled together some interesting White House HVAC facts and trivia that you may find quite intriguing. Enjoy!

  • The First White House Heating system was a Pettibone furnace, installed in 1801, while James Madison was in office.
  • The first central heating system was installed in 1837.
  • President Polk added a heating system expansion in 1845 to help keep the second-floor rooms warm and cozy during the winter months.
  • President Taylor added onto that heating system by bringing it into the offices and the family’s living quarters and basement in 1850.
  • In 1853, President Pierce added a hot water furnace. This was a very early example of an efficiency upgrade.
  • During the 1860s, President Lincoln continued the HVAC expansion in the White House by adding a gas heating system.
  • An early and experimental form of air conditioning was installed into President Garfield’s bedroom to help him heal after he was shot in the summer of 1881. The air conditioner used electric blowers that forced air through a long, iron box encased with cotton screens.
  • In 1910, President Taft installed another early AC system which cooled the air using ice blocks in the attic of the White House. It wasn’t successful, so it was quickly removed.
  • After a fire damaged the West Wing in 1929, a major air conditioning upgrade began. This is considered the first central AC system in the White House.
  • More air conditioning units were added throughout the private quarters on the second floor of the White House during the FDR administration.
  • President Nixon maintained such a cold temperature inside the White House, he kept a fireplace burning throughout the summer.
  • During his time in office, President Trump felt that the White House had inadequate air conditioning, and replaced the 27-year-old system with a new high-efficiency system.

Presidential-Level HVAC Service for You and Your Family

No, you don’t have to be the leader of the free world to get quality HVAC service. Simply call the experts at Bruce’s Air Conditioning and Heating today to schedule a visit by one of our experts.
Happy President’s Day!

Will You Feel That Valentine’s Day Heat?

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With Valentine’s Day just days away, you don’t want to be dealing with a heartbreaking heater or air conditioning problem. In other words, it’s a great time to show your HVAC some love by taking a few steps to keep it running properly and efficiently.

This begins with replacing your air filter and calling for a preventive maintenance check. For nearly 50 years, Bruce’s Air Conditioning & Heating has been by the side of Arizona homeowners, ensuring their HVAC systems are optimally maintained. We believe in relationships built to last! So, give us a call today to schedule your HVAC maintenance service at 480-968-5652.

A Valentine’s Day Gift for Your HVAC System

Never thought of buying HVAC-related gifts for Valentine’s Day? Why not? This Valentine’s Day consider upgrading to a smart thermostat which can automatically increase or decrease your home’s temperature, based on your lifestyle needs, time of day, or current temperature conditions. Not only will this lower your monthly heating and air conditioning costs, it will also help extend the lifespan of your system.

Or, how about an air purifier? Your system will benefit from the addition of an air purifier to help rid the air of allergens, germs, and mold. This will make the air you breathe cleaner and help improve the symptoms of your loved ones with allergies and asthma.

And a gift to consider that will keep on giving throughout the year is an HVAC maintenance contract. You’ll gain the advantage of regular tune-ups to identify and address issues proactively. You’ll also get the advantage of convenient appointments, discounts on necessary repairs, and the confidence knowing that you have a trusted service provider that loves your HVAC system as much as you do.

Happy Valentine’s Day from Bruce’s.