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Five Common Home Heating Mistakes

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While winters in much of Arizona seem mild compared to other parts of the country, overnight lows frequently dip below freezing, and cold snaps do roll into the Valley of the Sun during January and February. Many homes here utilize heating systems only sparingly during the year. As a result, homeowners often inadvertently make some common mistakes trying to stay cozy that end up costing more money in higher energy costs. Read below to learn five typical home heating slip-ups and how to steer clear of them.

Thermostat Confusion

The thermostat controls much more than temperature. You may not realize that turning it higher than the desired heat setting won’t warm your home faster. Excessive cycling strains HVAC systems. If you use a programmable thermostat, you can use the settings to optimize energy savings. You’ll want to resist constantly overriding pre-programmed schedules or you’ll negate potential savings from lowering heat levels when you’re away from home.

DIY Disasters

If you attempt complex furnace repairs or ductwork modifications without proper training, you can make existing issues worse or can even disable built-in safety mechanisms. Likewise, using improperly installed space heaters can result in devastating home fires during winter. Ensure you have a sufficient number of smoke alarms installed and be sure to have working fire extinguishers in your home. Leave tricky heating tasks to your local, seasoned HVAC technicians.

Forgotten Fire Risks

Don’t ever leave fireplaces unattended or let ashes smolder too long afterwards. Use caution with outdoor heaters too.

Poorly Sealed Structures

You’re probably aware that worn seals around doors and windows can waste energy. Outlets and switches on exterior walls, dryer and bathroom vent ducts, gaps around pipes and wires, foundations, attics, unfinished spaces, and fireplaces can all leak costly warm air outdoors.

Equipment Neglect

Just like your car, home heating systems need periodic maintenance for efficient, reliable operation. Don’t take your HVAC equipment for granted. Replace your air filters as recommended, clear debris from outdoor units, and have your local professional technicians inspect for any leaks and corrosion. Address strange noises, burning smells, or icy spots immediately to prevent heating system breakdowns.

Call Bruce’s for All Your Heating Needs

This winter, outsmart common home heating mistakes. A little vigilance in monitoring fire hazards, HVAC maintenance, thermostat know-how, and heat loss prevention through sealing and insulation will pay you back in “warm” dividends this winter—and for years to come. Call your knowledgeable Bruce’s Air Conditioning & Heating professionals today at 480-968-5652 to schedule an appointment.

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Keeping Warm in the Arizona Cold: Preventing Furnace Failures

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Brr! Valley of the Sun morning and evening temperatures have plummeted since early January. So, you don’t want indoor temps to take a nosedive.

But rather than hearing the familiar hum of the furnace firing up, you’re met with chilly silence. Before panic sets in about calling your local emergency HVAC technician in the midst of an Arizona winter deep freeze, it helps to understand which components commonly fail in cold weather. Learning a little about potential home heating issues can save you time, money, and frustration. Here are the top three furnace parts prone to breaking down during extreme cold weather snaps.

Ignition Sensors

Exposure to low temperatures can make the flame sensor fail intermittently, preventing ignition. This is where your HVAC professionals can quickly resolve with a visit to your house to clean the ignition sensors.

Blower Fan Motors

When asked to run nonstop for warmth to keep your family comfortable and potentially suffering wear from years of use, blower motors can finally burn out. Replacement is required and your HVAC certified technicians can easily do this.

Heat Exchangers

Damage from normal furnace operation may go undetected but lead to cracks during thermal stress, potentially causing your furnace to completely fail. This will necessitate a home inspection, parts or system replacement, and HVAC system servicing.

Arm yourself by knowing which furnace components commonly surrender to Old Man Winter’s chilling grip. Then, review maintenance tips that help combat cold weather breakdowns before they leave your family shivering. Prevention through regular care beats the alternative!

In football terminology, the best defense is a good offense when battling against home heating issues. Be proactive by arranging for a qualified HVAC technician to inspect and service your furnace. They will carefully comb through the system, ensuring correct operation and replacing any parts nearing the end of their lifespan.

Get Furnace Ready

A fully functioning furnace in the Valley of the Sun right now is especially important during our infrequent winter cold snaps. When it’s freezing outdoors you really need your furnace to heat your home. Take a moment to schedule a furnace inspection with one of our experienced, friendly service technicians at Bruce’s Air Conditioning & Heating today at 480-968-5652. We’re always available 24/7 for emergency service.

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Keeping Your Home Comfy: Ideal Thermostat Settings for an Arizona Winter

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When winter truly hits Arizona, the weather can get quite chilly during the nighttime hours. However, afternoon highs still typically reach the 60s and 70s. With this drastic difference between daytime and nighttime temperatures, efficiently programming your thermostat is key to staying comfortable while avoiding high energy bills.

So, what’s the best thermostat setting for our Valley of the Sun winters? Read on for tips.

Go Smart 

The first step is deciding whether you want to manually adjust your thermostat daily or program it and largely set it and forget it. Smart, programmable models allow you to set different target temperatures for different times of day. This way, you can let temperatures dip down at night when you need less heating.

Set the Right Daytime Temperature

When you’re home during the day, set your thermostat between 68-72° F for comfortable warmth. Any lower than 68° and you might start feeling chilly. Any higher than 72° risks overheating and wasting energy.

Around 70° F is ideal, letting you feel cozy without constantly turning on the heat. The exact number depends on your personal preference too. Go with what feels best for your household. You want to aim to minimize how often your HVAC heater runs while maintaining a pleasing temperature.

Lower the Temperature at Night

Plan on setting your thermostat back about 8-10°F at night when sleeping. There’s no need to keep your home as warm overnight when you’re tucked under warm blankets.

So, if you keep your home at 70°F during the day, dropping the thermostat down to about 60-62°F at night can save energy without sacrificing comfort. You might need an extra blanket, but the savings can be worth it.

Watch Out for Extreme Cold Spells 

While Arizona winters overall tend to remain mild to moderate, we occasionally get stretches of extreme cold. When temperatures dip into the 30s or lower, even at night, nudging your thermostat up another 2-4 degrees can offset the increased chill.

Stay Cozy and Comfortable 

Following these winter thermostat tips will help every Valley of the Sun homeowner stay cozy while keeping your energy usage in check. Programmable smart thermostat models make this easy to do. For additional tips this winter, call your heating experts at Bruce’s Air Conditioning & Heating. Call us today at 480-968-5652 to speak with one of our certified technicians or to schedule an appointment. Bruce’s always offers fast and reliable service.

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The Right HVAC for Your Home in 2024

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When it comes to new home construction, Phoenix metro is one of the busiest regions in the United States. The forecast is for a steady increase in population over the next decade, making our region one of the fastest growing areas in the U.S. With this exponential growth, one thing is for certain. All those incoming families need homes to live in and plenty of air conditioning. If you are in the process of having a new house built, remodeling, or buying a new home for your family, it’s a good idea to plan ahead and ensure your HVAC needs are given the attention they deserve.

HVAC Systems May Not Be a Top Developer Priority

When it comes to designing new homes, architects and builders tend to focus on current trends and eye-catching options like open floor plans, big chef-friendly kitchens, and sizable family great rooms. Formal dining rooms and separate living rooms are becoming relics of the past. Hidden HVAC systems often take a back seat in terms of design and specifications. However, when the summer temperatures hit triple digits in the Valley of the Sun, nothing will seem more important than the air conditioning in your new home.

Consult with Our Experts Before Construction or Remodeling Starts

If you are in the design phase of your new home project, consider giving your local HVAC experts at Bruce’s Air Conditioning & Heating a call. Our staff has the experience, knowledge, and expertise that builders simply don’t have. Often, a simple HVAC design or engineering recommendation can save loads of expense down the road. Also, if you are buying a new home or remodeling, it’s a great idea to have us perform an inspection before you purchase or begin remodeling so we can inform you of the current state and efficiency of your HVAC system. We can help you in all phases of assessing, choosing, and designing an HVAC system.

The Right HVAC System Will Give You Years of Comfort in Your New Home

Choosing the best HVAC system for your new home and the right contractor for installation are crucial decisions you’ll need to make. Why not give us a call today at 480-968-5652 and we’ll be happy to help you decide what’s right for you and your home. This can be one of the best gifts you can give your family in 2024.

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Have a Warm Happy Holidays with These Five Heating Tips

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Winter officially arrived on December 21 in the Valley of the Sun! Overnight low temperatures often dip well below 50 degrees during this season. This means you’ll want to ensure your heating system is working optimally. Take a look at the following five HVAC tips for this holiday season to help you stay comfortably warm.

Seal Openings

It’s not uncommon, even in newer homes, for homeowners to experience small sized cracks in doors, windows, and other openings. When heat escapes outdoors, your heating unit has to work overtime to maintain a warm environment indoors. Bruce’s technicians can perform an energy audit to spot areas where heat is escaping and up to $150 of an energy audit is tax deductible.

Check Fire and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Fire and carbon monoxide detectors are designed to detect and alert you to the presence of smoke, fire, or dangerous levels of carbon monoxide in your home. They’re your first line of defense against potential disasters. It’s important to test these devices monthly and replace batteries yearly.

Replace Your Air Filters

When air filters are filled with dirt, dust, and other contaminants, it’s difficult to maintain indoor air quality. Clogged, dirty air filters not only hinder the function of your HVAC system, but they also reduce the quality of your indoor air and increase your monthly energy bill. By changing out filters once a month, you’ll get cleaner air circulating throughout your home.

Get a Heating Tune Up

Perhaps the single most important thing you can do to keep your HVAC system running smoothly is to get a tune up. HVAC systems require regular maintenance to keep them running properly and reduce the chances of components breaking down. You may want to consider purchasing a maintenance plan for even greater peace of mind to help you stay on track with your maintenance and to save on any repairs you may need down the road.

Choose a Quality, Locally Owned HVAC Company

These five tips can help improve your home’s comfort throughout the year while also enabling you to save money in reduced energy consumption. During this holiday season, our entire team at Bruce’s Air Conditioning & Heating hopes you’re staying cozy inside your house with loved ones and friends.

Throughout the winter you can rely on Bruce’s Air Conditioning & Heating professionals for all your HVAC needs. To learn more, contact your expert team at Bruce’s today at 480-968-5652. We’re here for you around the clock 24/7/365.

Happy Holidays from the entire team at Bruce’s Air Conditioning & Heating!