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Maintaining Your Indoor Air Quality This Summer – What You Need to Know Now

Summer in Gilbert, Chandler or any city of the greater Phoenix metro area is undeniably hot – bringing on indoor air quality issues for homeowners. And these issues are made more complex as summer monsoons begin in June. Now is an ideal time to fine-tune your indoor air quality as we enter the hot weather months.

More Time Indoors

As we spend increased time indoors, there should be a greater focus on indoor air quality. Many homes have high levels of contaminants in the air, like pollen, pet hair, dander, dust mites, spores and dust which can cause a host of allergic symptoms, including eye irritation, congestion, wheezing, coughing and sinus problems. For individuals with asthma or other pulmonary conditions, the problems caused by poor indoor air quality can actually be dangerous.

Summer Allergies

While spring is notoriously tough for allergy sufferers in Gilbert and surrounding areas, allergen levels often remain high throughout the summer months. These contaminants can make their way inside through open windows and doors and can settle in carpet and within you HVAC system’s ductwork.

Increased Air Conditioner Usage

All of us are cranking our air conditioners this time of year – and for good reason. Triple digit heat outside produces uncomfortably hot temperatures inside. Fortunately, our trusty air conditioners keep our indoor spaces cool and comfortable. Yet, all the air conditioner usage causes the recirculation of air which can spread contaminants.

Monsoon Humidity

Once summer monsoons begin, humidity levels increase both outside and inside your home. This can breed microbes within your HVAC system that can amplify allergies and breathing problems.

Get Your Home Tested

Determining your home’s indoor air quality isn’t as simple as taking a deep breath. At Bruce’s, we recommend scheduling an indoor air quality test. With easy-to-understand results in hand, we’ll help you determine the right products to address specific areas for concern in your indoor air. We offer a range of products which can help, including a whole house air cleaner that removes nearly 100 times the amount of airborne allergens indoors than a standard air filter does.

Schedule an appointment with a Bruce’s air quality testing expert today by calling 480-968-5652.

You Can Rely on Bruce’s and American Standard for All Your Air Conditioning Needs

With the hot summer months once again upon us, it becomes harder to overlook an aging, less-than-efficient air conditioner. The cost of maintaining a unit that is past its prime can be both costly and frustrating – especially when malfunctions turn into costly repairs and uncomfortable downtime.

As a proud American Standard Customer Care dealer, we, at Bruce’s provide a unique benefit to homeowners in Tempe and surrounding areas. Our deep product knowledge and installation expertise means you have a partner by your side when it’s time for a replacement. We also have the most current information on financing, rebates, warranties and discounts. By choosing us as your HVAC services provider, you have a partner and the products that you can feel confident about for many years to come.

Why American Standard?

For nearly 140 years, American Standard has enabled Americans to stay cool and comfortable with world-class air conditioning systems. Consistently ranked the #1 air conditioner by a leading consumer report, American Standard offers a unique mix of efficiency, reliability and comfort. American Standard offers a wide range of high-performing HVAC systems that work intelligently to manage home energy consumptions and reduce utility costs.

Are you struggling with a less-than-optimal air conditioner? Why not call us today? We’re always here to provide a free quote and advice to help ensure you get the right air conditioner for your home and budget.

This Memorial Day, it’s a good time to reflect on our freedom and those who have served to protect it. We wish you and your family a safe and happy Memorial Day.

Get Your Air Conditioner Ready for Summer

Whether you live in Gilbert, Tempe, Queen Creek or another city in the greater Phoenix metro area, if you’ve ever experienced an air conditioning breakdown in the middle of summer, you probably have some not so fond memories. When there’s no air conditioning, temperatures rise fast in Phoenix area homes. In fact, they can soar above 90 degrees in a matter of hours.

While some air conditioning malfunctions do happen unexpectedly, most can be avoided by simply keeping up with regular HVAC maintenance. As we head into the summer months, doesn’t it just make sense to schedule a tune-up with a local licensed technician?

At Bruce’s, we make it easy to keep up with HVAC maintenance. Our standard tune-up includes identifying and addressing issues before they turn into big problems. This means you don’t have to be calling us in July when it’s 120 degrees outside and equally sweltering inside. It also means that your system will be functioning optimally to help keep your utility costs under control.

Because maintenance is vital to keeping your air conditioning system running, we highly recommend to all our customers that they consider our maintenance service agreement. The benefits are substantial:

  • Easy-to-schedule maintenance appointments that fit your schedule
  • Discounted maintenance service
  • Consistent, quality service by a trusted, local HVAC company

Don’t risk a summer breakdown that can send your household into a hot and highly inconvenient tailspin. Be proactive this year and get a tune-up. You’ll gain the advantage of peace of mind knowing that your air conditioner is going to keep you and your loved ones cool and comfortable.

Call us today to schedule a tune-up or to learn more about our maintenance service agreements at 480-968-5652.

Your Chandler Air Conditioner Provider – COVID19 Update

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For nearly fifty years, Bruce’s Air Conditioning & Heating has been the go-to Chandler air conditioning provider for local families and businesses – serving the greater Phoenix area. During these unprecedented challenging times, we want to assure you that your comfort and safety remain our top focus. As COVID19 continues to spread throughout the Valley, we wanted to take this opportunity to share our extra steps that we’re now taking to ensure the safety of our valuable customers and employees.

Multi-Step Virus Prevention

When you require service or installation, we will ask you prior to our visit if you have or suspect you have been in contact with COVID19. This gives our team of technicians the opportunity to take the necessary precautions to ensure safety and reduce any possibility of transmission of the virus. We are fully committed to doing our part in preventing the spread of the virus.

Other precautionary steps we’re taking include:

  • Insisting that team members with any symptoms of any respiratory illness or fever stay home and not return to work until cleared by a physician
  • Instructing all team members to wash hands multiple times each day
  • Wearing masks and gloves when in the proximity of customers
  • Using shoe covers while inside a customer’s home
  • Canceling service calls to homes where someone is quarantined or has any symptoms of a respiratory illness or fever

At Bruce’s, we are taking the threat of this virus seriously and are doing are part to protect our customers, employees and community. While doing all of this, we remain committed to continuing to provide you with the highest quality air conditioning repair and installation in Chandler and throughout the Valley.

Call us today at 480-968-5652 to learn more about our safety procedures or to schedule service.

Has Pollen Got You Down for the Count? Your Air Conditioner Can Help

Spring training is underway. When the crack of baseball bats echoes through the Cactus League stadiums, Phoenix residents know that’s the sound of the seasons changing. Winter has been unusually mild this year, and temperatures are already climbing. Spring is in the air. As the trees and flowers awaken and bloom, pollen, ragweed and other allergens will be floating about causing sneezing, wheezing, watery eyes and stuffy noses. Your air conditioner is crucial to removing these little devils from the air circulating inside your home. If you suffer from allergies, asthma or other pulmonary conditions, you’ll want to schedule a March tune-up for your air conditioner.

How to Achieve Pollen Free Clean Air Inside Your Home

Allergy experts report that 30 percent of Arizona residents suffer from hay fever or allergies during this time of year. Here are some of the steps you can take to reduce the effect of ragweed, pollen and other allergens in your home:

  • Replace Your HVAC Air Filters

    Replacing air filters on a regular basis is always a good idea. When your filters are overloaded, dirt, dust, pollen and other particulates can find their way into your home. A clean HVAC air filter forms the first line of defense in safeguarding your indoor air quality (IAQ). Changing air filters is recommended at the start of spring and at least six times throughout the year. This will not only improve your IAQ, it will also lengthen the life of your air conditioner.

  • High Efficiency Particulate Air Filters

    For individuals with extreme allergies or respiratory conditions, high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters remove more than 99% of particles. These special HEPA filters can be added to your existing HVAC system. Our service technicians will be happy to discuss the benefits of the HEPA option.

  • Ducts and Dust

    One part of your HVAC system that is often overlooked, HVAC ducts are glossed over because they’re hidden behind walls and ceilings and are difficult to reach. However, dust and dirt can build up inside your air ducts and directly impact the quality of air inside your home. Given that summer is coming, when people spend most of their time indoors, having clean ducts can make a huge difference. Also, leaking ducts can cost you bucks! Losing cold air through leaks in your duct system impairs the efficiency of your AC.

  • Spring Is in the Air – Just Call Us and We’ll Be There

    Do you have a child with asthma or someone in your home suffering from COPD? If you’ve found yourself sneezing and wheezing more than usual, why not give us a call? We’ll be happy to perform an HVAC assessment, change your air filters, get your HVAC system ready for summer and improve your indoor air quality immediately.