The cost of repairing an air conditioner is often an unexpected expense that sometimes throws off your budget of the week or month. You may panic when the energy bills begin to skyrocket or because you cannot stand the peak heat of August. It is, therefore, only prudent that you prepare yourself with the only way you can – learning the average costs of AC repair in Queen Creek.

What is the cost of repairing an AC?

The national average cost of repairing the AC is between $50 and $400. The specific rates depend on the technician’s pricing guide and the seasonality of the repair. It is also a rule that older units incur expensive repairs because they often need extra tools, replacements, and care. Any unit that surpasses the average lifespan of fifteen years will often be too costly to save.

What can you expect in the AC repair?

The HVAC service depends on the damage of the unit. The technician’s work will usually revolve around the main parts of the AC unit – indoor and outdoor unit. These parts work together to absorb heat from the surrounding or release it into the environment.

The cycle of heat transfer will stop usually working when any of the following components fail to perform these functions:

  • The evaporator fails to remove water from the warm air inside.
  • Lack of a refrigerant when the compressor squeezes the liquid
  • A dysfunctional thermostat

What affects the cost of an AC repair unit?


The technician includes a labor fee because they need adequate knowledge to take apart and diagnose the unit accurately. The labor fee caters to the experience of the technician and the parts required for the unit. The average AC repair in Queen Creek is between $80 and $190.

Refrigerant leak

A typical leak costs between $100 and $500 in repairs. Our staff will give you an accurate quote after the evaluation of the AC unit.

Damaged components

The components you need to replace may be coverable by a warranty. You will however, pay the full out of pocket amount when you do not have an active warranty or a void contract. The cost of the rate will also depend on the following parts:

  • Thermostat – A broken thermostat costs up to $120 for a standard one and up to $250 for the Wi-fi enabled unit.
  • Capacitor – The unit stores an electric charge that costs up to $400.
  • Circuit board – The unit is the central operational unit that costs between $200 and $600
  • Fan motors and lines – These units contain the refrigerant and typically cost an average of $500
  • Evaporator coil – A damaged coil will not absorb heat, and costs and $700 to replace
  • Compressor – The pump is the heart of the air conditioner and costs an average of $1000 or more

It is essential to understand that the price range will rise or fall in different climatic areas of the city, the specifics of the system, and the frequency of a regular maintenance program. Browse our site for all the AC repair services available and call us for more information regarding the specific payment process.

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