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Important HVAC Considerations for Home Renovations

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The spring season brings perfect weather for launching home remodeling projects in the greater Phoenix, Arizona area. Whether you’re finally building that long-awaited addition, renovating bathrooms or kitchens, or doing an entire house overhaul, there are some crucial HVAC factors you need to account for during the remodeling process. Proper HVAC planning now can prevent headaches and ensure your home’s heating and cooling systems optimally function after the dust settles.

Size Your HVAC for the New Square Footage

One of the most important considerations when remodeling is whether your existing HVAC equipment will have sufficient heating and cooling capacity for your home’s new square footage. Adding rooms or finishing spaces increases the total air volume that needs conditioned air. If your system was adequately sized for the original home but is now undersized for the remodel, you may need to upgrade to a larger AC unit and furnace. You’ll want to work with an HVAC professional to perform a room-by-room load calculation factoring the added square footage.

Strategic Ductwork Extensions

For additions or remodels creating new rooms, you’ll need to extend the ductwork from your existing system to supply the new spaces with conditioned air. Careful planning of new duct runs is critical to avoid kinked, compressed, or excessive bends that restrict airflow. You’ll also want properly sized ducts meeting air velocity specs, sufficient return air pathways, and strategic supply vent placement for optimal circulation to each room. Experienced HVAC techs can map out the ideal new ductwork configuration.

Thermostat Relocation

If the remodel reconfigures your floor plan’s layout, your existing thermostat location may need to be repositioned. Thermostats should go on an interior wall in a frequently occupied space away from direct sunlight, drafts, and HVAC vents that could skew temperature readings.

Equipment Relocation

In some cases, a home remodel may require physically moving your HVAC equipment to new locations due to changing space configurations. Careful disconnection and reinstallation are required, so leave this to experienced pros.

Call Bruce’s Air Conditioning & Heating

With the intense summer heat of the Valley quickly approaching, it’s imperative that any major home remodel accounts for HVAC accommodations. Plan early and partner with your qualified HVAC contractors at Bruce’s to ensure your heating and cooling systems will function reliably and efficiently after the construction dust settles on your newly renovated Phoenix metro residence. Call Bruce’s today to schedule an appointment to discuss your project at 480-968-5652.