How Does The Office Temperature Affect Your Productivity?

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Office Temperature Affect Your Productivity-Bruce’s Air ConditioningThe temperature in an indoor work space, such as an office, plays a significant role in the level of productivity by employees.

When it comes to office ergonomics, the slightest adjustment in temperature may have very noticeable effects, but how does the temperature in the office affect the productivity of employees?

Discover How Office Temperature Affects Productivity

Numerous studies have been carried out to determine the optimal temperature that offices should adhere to for maximum workforce productivity, however, many people disagree with the results of these studies. The majority of research shows that the best temperature for an office for optimal worker productivity is between 70 and 73 degrees Fahrenheit.

According to the Cornell University study, the optimal office temperature should be approximately 77 degrees and according to the British Government Organization that regulates these studies, the ideal temperature should be 74 degrees. As per this organization, 70% of the workers would be happy with this temperature, so it is expected that not everyone can be pleased. Achieving a balance in temperature or setting the dial on your commercial HVAC at the temperature that you think is just right is easier said than done. Research suggests that just a few degrees added or subtracted here and there makes an enormous difference in productivity levels within the office.

Selecting a temperature on the dial and assuming that it is the best for everyone is a challenge as there are many aspects that affect the temperature within the office and therefore must be considered when choosing the temperature. The goal is to ensure that the majority is comfortable and don’t feel too hot or too cold so they can focus on working and not on warm up or cooling down.

Factors That Affect Employee’s Comfort Levels

Research suggests that older people are more susceptible to the cold so if you have older staff members, you should consider turning your commercial HVAC more to the warmer side of the dial.

Other factors to take into consideration is your weight as it is believed that heavier people feel warmer than thinner people due to having a higher body mass index. Various other factors may affect the temperature within an office, however, your goal is to always get as close to the optimal temperature as possible.

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