2 Common HVAC Problems In Phoenix

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Arizona Sunrise - HVAC Problems In Phoenix - Bruces ACTemperatures here in Phoenix are generally either hot or mild throughout the entire year. Unfortunately, heating and air conditioning systems often develop problems that must be dealt with quickly and professionally.

The following are two common problems affecting HVAC systems and how to deal with them.

HVAC Problems In Phoenix That Are Common

Common HVAC problems in Phoenix:


1. Faulty Thermostat

HVAC systems are designed to operate automatically. The thermostat is responsible for switching the HVAC system between heating and cooling. A faulty thermostat may lead to overheating or over-cooling of rooms. Frequent adjustment, low batteries and mechanical damage from impact are to blame for problems associated with thermostats.


2. Coolant Problems

The cooling system in air conditioners has the same working principle as refrigerators. On older units, coolant runs through the evaporator and condenser, absorbing and carrying away heat to the outside. If the coolant leaks, cooling will not take place. A good indicator of coolant problems is abnormal temperature spikes. The AC may be running but the temperature of the room may not be dropping to the desired level. While this may also indicate a faulty thermostat, the level of the coolant in the AC unit should be checked.


HVAC Maintenance And Repairs

Here at Bruce’s Air Conditioning, we offer professional HVAC maintenance and repair services for all you heating and cooling issues. Regular maintenance helps improve the efficiency of your system as well as helps to minimize breakdowns and repairs. We can also advice a homeowner when to replace an old HVAC unit.

As a resident of Arizona, you can count on Bruce’s Air Conditioning to cater to all of your heating and cooling needs throughout the four seasons of the year. Call us now to help protect your HVAC system from the desert heat!