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Stay Cozy All Year With Preventative Fall And Winter HVAC Check-Ups

Stay Cozy All Year With Preventative Fall And Winter HVAC Check-UpsWith the mild winters in Arizona, you may not think about having your heating and air conditioning system professionally inspected and maintained until spring, when it’s already warming up. To guarantee your family’s comfort throughout the most severe seasons, the best times to have a professional inspection and maintenance are fall and winter.

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HVAC Parts And Terminology That Every Homeowner Should Know

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HVAC Parts And Terminology That Every Homeowner Should KnowThe heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system is one of the most important parts of any home. It keeps a house warm in the winter and cool in the summer, making the environment comfortable year round.

Because this system is so important, homeowners should know some of the basic parts involved in its operation as well as the common terminology used to discuss HVAC systems. Knowing these things will allow homeowners to more easily recognize and diagnose problems, enable them to fix some simple issues themselves, and allow them to more effectively communicate with HVAC professionals when needed.

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4 Reasons Why Water Could Be Leaking From Your AC

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4 Reasons AC Leaks WaterDuring the summer months one of the most frequent calls we get is:

“There’s water leaking from my AC.”

This common issue has a variety of causes. Most of them can be resolved without too much fuss, but more importantly, they can be prevented with regularly-scheduled maintenance.

The following are four reasons that your AC could be leaking.

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Phoenix Area Top 4th Of July Celebrations & Events!

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4th of July - BruceACAll of us at Bruce’s Heating & Air Conditioning are going to be proudly celebrating our country’s birthday soon and want to wish you a happy 4th of July, as well! We’ve compiled a list of a few events around town to help you plan your 4th of July weekend coming up.

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How Does A Gas Water Heater Work? Can I Easily Maintain It?

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Man Working On Water Heater-Maintain Gas Water HeaterGas water heaters are a triumph of simplicity in engineering. Without significant energy consumption they can supply showers, faucets and washing machines with all the heated water they need for extended periods of time.

Unlike many household appliances, gas water heaters are relatively easy to “decode” once you know a little bit about them. In other words, after our rundown of your water heater’s anatomy and what to maintain, you should be able to understand how your water heater works, how each part contributes to its functioning and how you can properly maintain unit to make it last for years.

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