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Does Your Home Have A Heat Loss Problem?

Does Your Home Have A Heat Loss ProblemDuring cold winter months, you are perfectly aware that heating costs make up the bulk of your electricity or gas bill.

Consequently you want your HVAC system to work as efficiently and as effortlessly as possible, so you can enjoy the warmth it produces without worrying yourself to death about how rapidly the dial on your energy meter is spinning.

Unfortunately, wintertime heat loss is a Continue reading

What Is An Energy Management System?

Energy Management SystemThe term “energy management system” refers to the process of monitoring energy usage and improving energy savings in businesses and homes. To put it simply, business and home owners can observe how much energy is being used on site and then implement strategies to decrease this usage.

There are many benefits to saving energy, including lowering monthly electrical costs and reducing dependency on fossil fuels.

Learn what’s involved in implementing an energy management system. Continue reading

How Can I Reduce My Energy Costs In The Winter?

How Can I Reduce My Energy Costs In The WinterWhen winter sets in and temperatures start to drop, you can expect your heating bill will go up

However, there are various ways you can reduce the cost of electricity without necessarily having to sacrifice on comfort.

Make sure to follow these tips to help you and your family reduce energy costs in the winter.

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3 Energy Efficiency Tips For Your HVAC System

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3 Energy Efficiency Tips For Your HVAC System-Bruce’s ACNo one likes paying a hefty energy bill. However, you do require heating in the winter and cooling in the summer for you and your family to be comfortable.

According to the Energy Star Corporation, more than 45% of your energy bill is due to your heating and cooling system.

There are ways however to save money on your energy bill when it comes to your HVAC system. Continue reading

5 Common Air Conditioning Myths

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5 Common Air Conditioning Myths-www.BrucesAC.comAlthough modern air conditioners are designed for efficiency, there are certain false beliefs many people still adhere to when it comes to their energy bill and air conditioning.

Learn 5 common air conditioning myths from Bruce’s Air Conditioning & Heating, that will help you debunk hearsay and may actually help increase your energy savings. Continue reading