5 Common Air Conditioning Myths

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5 Common Air Conditioning Myths-www.BrucesAC.comAlthough modern air conditioners are designed for efficiency, there are certain false beliefs many people still adhere to when it comes to their energy bill and air conditioning.

Learn 5 common air conditioning myths from Bruce’s Air Conditioning & Heating, that will help you debunk hearsay and may actually help increase your energy savings.

5 Air Conditioning Myths

Myth #1: Setting The Thermostat At The Lowest Level Makes Cooling Faster

At first thought, this makes sense. After all, an air conditioning unit set at the lowest temperature only means that the air in the room will cool more quickly, right? However, air conditioners are designed to cool air at the same rate regardless of the setting on the thermostat.

There is an exception, though. Individual room or window air conditioners that come with high, medium and low settings work differently. If you choose the “high” setting, the air conditioner will cool the room more quickly than either the “low” or “medium” settings. Simply turn the setting on “medium” or “low” once the desired room temperature is reached to conserve energy.

Myth #2: Keep The AC Running To Save Money

Air conditioners consume electricity. The longer they are kept on, the more energy they use. If you will be gone for several hours, turn off the air conditioner or set the thermostat at a higher temperature. If you have a programmable thermostat, use the timer and program the unit to cool the room about 30 minutes before you arrive. This will bring down the room temperature at a suitably comfortable level.

Myth #3: Energy-Efficient Air Conditioners Will Save Money

High-efficiency air conditioners can potentially bring down energy cost but size also matters. If the AC is too small, it will work harder than it should and produce dry air; if it is too big, it won’t stay on long enough to properly decrease humidity levels yet it consume more energy.

Myth #4: Using A Ceiling Fan With The AC Will Cool The Room More Efficiently

Fans do not actually lower the temperature in a room. They cause the air to move, hence the feeling that the immediate surrounding is cooler. The room temperature, however, remains essentially the same.

Myth #5: When It Comes To Air Conditioning, Location Doesn’t Matter

This is one of the air conditioning myths that can drill a serious hole in your pocket if you are not careful. Air conditioners are best installed on the side of the house that does not receive direct sunlight since this will affect its efficiency. The air vents on the unit should also allow air to flow freely.

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