Monsoon Season And Your Air Conditioner – What You Need to Know

Monsoon Season And Your Air ConditionerDust storms, torrential downpours, thunder, and lightning. Oh my! Monsoon season is officially starting in June.

While there’s not much you can do to prevent the summer storms, you can prepare your home so you can minimize the chance of damage. This includes protecting your air conditioner. As one of the most important and valuable components of your home, isn’t it worth a little TLC during the upcoming monsoon?

4 Ways  To Protect Your Air Conditioner During Monsoons

As your Chandler air conditioning repair specialist, we have several recommendations to help keep your air conditioner safe throughout the summer and beyond.

Trim Back Vegetation

Leaves, branches, and twigs are not an air conditioner’s best friend – particularly during a storm! Take the time to ensure shrubs, grass, and trees limbs are cleared away from your unit before the monsoons start. This can prevent something falling on it during a storm, or it getting clogged with debris.

Replace Your Filters

System air filters can get clogged quickly during dust storms. Start off the season by replacing them, and then make sure to check them frequently – particularly after a storm. By doing so, you’ll enable your air conditioner to run more efficiently while also improving your indoor air quality.

Get A Tune Up

This is the season when you definitely don’t want to experience a malfunction. Temperatures can soar into the 90s inside your home if it’s not cooled. Don’t take risks! Get a tune up to ensure everything is running as it should be. Call Bruce’s today to schedule a maintenance tune up. We’re your go-to source for all of your Chandler air conditioning service needs or anywhere in the Valley.

Get Familiar With Your Home’s Electrical System

Electrical storms are notorious for taking out the power in homes this time of year. A circuit breaker protects your home’s electrical system. Under normal use, there won’t be a problem. However, during a storm, circuit breakers can be tripped. If you experience a system malfunction after a storm, check the circuit breakers to see if this is the problem. It could save you from requiring a service call.