How Much Could A New Air Conditioner Really Save You?

How Much Could A New Air Conditioner Really Save YouLet’s face it. New air conditioners are not inexpensive. In fact, they can be one of the most costly purchases that you’ll make as a homeowner. However, in Arizona, air conditioning isn’t just a luxury, it’s an absolute necessity. Thus, you want to make sure you choose the right unit for your home and understand the cost savings of a new unit which will help offset the price you will pay for it.

When you’re in the market for a new air conditioner, you will be presented with various SEER rating options. SEER stands for “seasonal energy efficiency rating,” and this rating can tell you a lot about how much you’ll be paying on your monthly electricity bill. The higher the SEER rating, the more energy efficient your system will be. This will translate into lower energy consumption and obviously lower monthly bills.

Currently, the government has mandated that all new air conditioners have to be rated at least a 13 SEER. However, the older units that many of us have are rated at 8 to 12 SEER. The most efficient units are 17 or higher.

How Much Will You Save Each Month?

So, let’s consider you spend $100 on air conditioning each month with an old 8 SEER unit. If you purchase a new 13 SEER unit, you can expect to save $38 each month. If you choose to purchase a higher efficiency unit with a SEER rating of 15, you will save nearly $50 a month. The most efficient units will save you well over half of what you’re spending each month with the old unit. Yes, this can really add up – especially here in Arizona where we run our air conditioners for most of the year. In fact, you can expect that the cost savings will substantially offset the investment you’ve made into a new air conditioner in just a few years. Let’s not forget, there are also typically utility and manufacturer rebates to save even more!

Get A Quote On A New Air Conditioner In Phoenix Area?

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