What’s an Air Conditioning Emergency?

With daily high temperatures topping out at 110 degrees or higher this month, many homeowners in the greater Phoenix area have been dealing with AC issues. Arizona’s extreme heat results in weather-related deaths each year in our state. And heat-related disorders can happen quickly when you spend too much time in the heat, such as when air conditioning is not working or from overexertion according to the
Arizona Emergency Information Network.

So what situations are considered true air conditioning emergencies? Most AC companies claim to offer 24/7 emergency service, but when you call for servicing, they may not consider it truly an emergency. Your local professionals at Bruce’s have some guidelines to help you determine if you’re experiencing a situation that warrants emergency service.

AC Unit Failure

If your AC suddenly and completely stops functioning and the outdoor temperature is soaring over 100 degrees, do you call for emergency service or just wait a day or two for non-emergency servicing? This is considered a true air conditioning emergency situation in the Valley of the Sun. In other words, the loss of your AC will result in extreme discomfort or even a life-threatening situation.

At Risk Family and Pets

With a broken AC unit, indoor temperatures can rise well above 90 degrees. If you have young children, elderly adults or pets, or immunocompromised family members sensitive to excessive heat, high temperatures inside your house are a health threat. You’ll want to call right away for emergency servicing and seek out cooler shelter.

Safety Problems

Sometimes an emergency air conditioning repair may be more to do with safety issues. If your air conditioning unit is leaking and causing water damage inside your home, it’s time to call for help. This can happen from the condenser unit not working properly or even refrigerant leaking.

When your AC unit is having electrical issues such as a constantly tripping breaker or there’s a burning electrical smell, it’s an emergency situation. If you smell burning smells, call 911 first and safely evacuate your home.

Non-Emergency AC Issues

Here are some examples of non-emergency AC issues that can be handled during normal business hours:

  • Regular maintenance and associated repairs.
  • Repairs when outdoor temperatures are below 90 degrees.
  • AC unit failure due to a localized power outage.

Bruce’s AC professionals are ready to help.

If you have an AC emergency, call Bruce’s Air Conditioning & Heating at 480-968-5652. Our highly trained technicians are here for you 24/7/365 including holidays and weekends with expert repair service. We’re here for you when you need trustworthy HVAC servicing all summer long.

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