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Prepare Your HVAC Now for Monsoons and Haboobs

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 The official start of the Arizona monsoon season is June 15 and runs through September 30 as established by the National Weather Service. That means that here in the greater Phoenix area we’ll soon be experiencing triple digit temperatures combined with thunderstorms and dust storms. Monsoon storms have the potential to cause damage to your home’s HVAC system, so we wanted to share a few pro tips to keep you and your family cool, comfortable—and most importantly, safe. 


Arizona is part of the North American monsoon geographical area. The monsoon is a season when the wind pattern shifts from dry, westerly winds to moisture laden southerly winds from Mexico. The increase in moisture is the trigger for building thunderstorm activity across Arizona. Monsoon thunderstorms account for about 50% of the annual precipitation in central Arizona. These often-brief intense thunderstorms can result in lightning, heavy rains, flash flooding, hail, and intense winds. 


A haboob, an Arabic word for dust storm, is one of the most fascinating weather events to view from a distance. It’s a huge wall of dust that usually forms in the rural areas north of Tucson when powerful winds pick up topsoil moving it north towards Phoenix metro. These powerful dust storms can reduce visibility almost down to zero and may sometimes precede a monsoon thunderstorm. 

HVAC Preparations 

  • Start with a clean air filter as monsoon thunderstorms can carry large amounts of dust and other contaminants through the air filter. 
  • Seal any openings around doors and windows to prevent dusty, dirty air from entering your AC unit. 
  • Clean the area surrounding your outdoor AC unit to lessen the chances of tree branches breaking off and flying debris from high winds causing damage to the unit. 
  • Clean the AC coil by spraying the outside of the unit with water before and after severe monsoon thunderstorms. 
  • Schedule AC maintenance, if you haven’t had your HVAC unit serviced this year, to help keep the air conditioning system running smoothly. 

Contact Bruce’s for Your HVAC Needs

Now is the perfect time to have your air conditioning system checked and serviced before the extreme weather hits. Bruce’s Air Conditioning & Heating has the expertise to quickly resolve any HVAC system issues to keep your family comfortable all monsoon thunderstorm season long. Call us today at 480-968-5652. Our technicians are available 24/7 including weekends and holidays.

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