What Regular Maintenance Do Air Conditioning And Heating Systems Need?

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Regular HVAC Maintenance-Bruces Air ConditioningRegular, as well as annual HVAC maintenance is necessary for keeping HVAC systems functioning effectively and efficiently. Discover the regular maintenance that air conditioning and heating systems need.


Regular HVAC Maintenance Services

The following are the different types of HVAC maintenance services needed.


General HVAC Maintenance

All HVAC systems have certain similar components such as condensate drains and pans, control systems, thermostats and parts that require lubrication. The regular maintenance of all HVAC systems should encompass the cleaning and lubrication of moving HVAC components, check-up and unclogging of condensate pans, as well as repair and or replacement of worn out parts. Thermostat settings and HVAC controls should also be checked and set accordingly to guarantee the proper functioning of an HVAC system. Our technicians have the skills and the expertise to inspect and provide services on all HVAC components and on all HVAC brands.


Air Conditioning Maintenance

Air conditioners have condensers, filters and evaporators that condition air appropriately. Scheduling spring and fall AC maintenance (tune-up) which can include an inspection, cleaning, lubrication of parts, thermostat and blowing air temperature check and more to ensure that your air conditioner is running smoothly and properly. Regular air conditioning maintenance can help your system run more efficiently, save energy and last much longer.


Heating System Maintenance

Heating systems use one form of fuel or another to generate the necessary heat. Schedule heating maintenance once to twice per year (preferably before it gets cold). Key aspects of heating system maintenance should include the cleaning of the blower assembly and inspection and adjustment of fuel-feeding components such as gas nozzles, electrical fuses/ sockets and gas outlets/ combustion points. Neglect of fuel sources cannot only reduce the effective functioning of a heating system, but can also be a health hazard as leaking gas can affect breathing, and faulty fuel sources can spark a fire.


Benefits Of A Well-Maintained HVAC System

HVAC systems should be properly inspected, cleaned, dusted and maintained to preserve efficient functionality and long life. Well-maintained heating and air conditioning systems will give you the peace of mind that you deserve.

We here at Bruce’s Air Conditioning and Heating are fully equipped and staffed to provide our Phoenix metro, commercial and residential clients with complete HVAC maintenance services as well estimation, installation, repairs and replacement of HVAC systems and components. Follow us for more great articles on heating and air conditioning and more.

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