Surge Protectors And HVAC: What You Need To Know

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Surge Protectors And HVAC-BrucesAC.comSurge protectors are usually associated with computers and other sensitive electronic equipment. Individuals are told that they should plug their PCs into these devices in order to prevent damage from electric spikes. These can happen frequently during storms and similar weather conditions. It can also occur due to overloading somewhere along the local grid.

These surges can be quite destructive. The problem is that more appliances now have electronic circuits that are in danger when surges strike. HVAC systems are prime examples of this. They used to be dominated by mechanical parts but advances in technology have thoroughly modernized these systems.

Power surges can cause great damage to and even destroy an HVAC unit. Learn more and discover how whole home surge protectors can protect your HVAC.

HVAC Surge Damage And The Consequences

If an HVAC unit experiences a power surge, it can unfortunately fail instantly. Some units may still work after being restarted while others won’t and require outright replacement. Even those that survive are likely to need new parts to avoid premature failure. Neglect can prove to be quite costly for homeowners as they may have to spend several hundred or thousands of dollars to remedy the situation. A surge can happen at any time, usually when they are least expected. Safe measure must be put in place to guard against them around the clock.

Surge Protectors – Effective Preventive Measures Against Surges To Your HVAC

A whole house surge protector can be installed for the general protection of all appliances connected to the power line. The surge protector will be located at the main breaker box. Be sure that the surge protector has an adequate rating for the expected load so that it can actually do the job properly when it is needed. Adding this component will not affect anything with the normal operations, it will only kick in to mitigate the effect of current spikes.

HVAC surge protectors are an effective preventive measure against surges for your cooling and heating systems.

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