UV Lights and Indoor Air Quality

What’s the story with UV lights helping to clean your home’s indoor air? UV (ultraviolet) lights have frequently been in the news during the COVID pandemic. This light, invisible to the human eye, is responsible for creating summer sunburns. It’s also remarkably effective battling certain types of bacteria found in our homes. Like your AC air filter, UV light systems can help reduce indoor air pollution.

Mold, viruses, fungi, and bacteria can circulate throughout an HVAC system. These can pose serious health threats like breathing issues such as asthma or COPD. UV lights at certain frequencies can kill these microbes and inhibit their growth inside an HVAC system. UV radiation has been used for decades in hospitals, factories, and buildings to disinfect air, water, and nonporous surfaces to reduce the spread of bacteria.

There are two types of UV lights manufactured for sanitizing your HVAC system—air sanitizing lights and coil sanitizing lights. The type of system to add depends on your home’s HVAC system.

UV Air Sanitizing Lights

This type of system is installed in your home’s ductwork to kill airborne mold, fungi, and germs along with eliminating odors. HVAC air sanitizing lights must be hardwired and sometimes are timed to turn on and off when the blower motor does.

UV Coil Sanitizing Lights

Coil sanitizing lights sterilize the coils when you have central air conditioning. Coils condense moisture from the air to dehumidify your indoor air. A perfect setting for mold and bacteria growth spreading throughout your house. Coil UV lights are installed to generate UV spectrum light on the surface of the coil.

UV Light Installation Systems

Installing a UV system can help reduce the harmful effects that microbes have on your breathing and overall health with the added benefit of controlling odors. UV lights must be installed properly due to safety risks for people, animals, and objects. If these lights are not installed correctly, there can be eye injury, burn-like skin reactions, and damage to materials, such as plastics and dyed textiles.

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