HVAC Technology Innovations for 2021

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HVAC technology is rapidly advancing to AI (Artificial Intelligence) based heating and cooling systems. Growing demand for clean energy solutions to slow down climate change is leading the way for these exciting innovations. These innovations are already available and can help you improve your home’s efficiency. Let’s look at some of these HVAC advancements!

Ductless HVAC Systems

Used in Europe and Asia for many years, ductless systems differ from traditional home cooling and heating systems. If you live in an older home with no ductwork (baseboard heat or radiators), have expensive monthly electric bills, outdated central heating and cooling systems, or rooms not regularly occupied, a ductless HVAC system may be right for you.

These systems use infrared technology to transmit data to cool and heat your home. They are very efficient, easy to install, and cost effective for Arizona homeowners. For ductless systems, you can set the system to only cool or heat a particular room or area of your house.

Smart HVAC Technology

Adding IoT (Internet of Things) technology can completely automate your home. Your HVAC system can be connected to other smart appliances and automatically heat or cool, based on climate conditions and personal preferences. Let’s say it’s a 100-degree day outside, and you’re away from home. The AC can be programmed to turn on a cool, low fan setting, lower window blinds, and turn on ceiling fans to circulate air and help keep energy costs down. When you’re home, you can use voice commands to trigger your smart HVAC system.

Predictive HVAC Maintenance

We all know HVAC repairs and maintenance can be time consuming and costly. What if you could be alerted using smart HVAC technology to predict the best time for maintenance? This intelligent technology uses information from your HVAC equipment and home air quality to predict when to optimally change an air filter or alert you to a problem before it causes serious system failures. The mobile app can notify you to contact an HVAC professional to run additional diagnostic tests remotely if necessary.

With the global IoT market expected to grow over 21% annually through 2025, the trend for HVAC systems, to sense and automatically make efficient, energy-saving decisions for your home, will help further reduce HVAC system costs and increase the lifespan of your cooling and heating system.

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