The Cold Facts About Pests and Your HVAC System

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Summer in Arizona is officially over. November has arrived, and temperatures have been dropping accordingly. As the seasons change and nights get colder, neighborhood critters may be considering setting up a winter residence in your home. That’s not a pleasant thought, however, we receive calls every fall from Phoenix homeowners who’ve noticed something is amiss when they fire up their furnace for the first time. Heat will sometimes reveal surprising odors that may have gone unnoticed with the air conditioning blowing cold air for the last six months.

Pests – Unwanted Furry Friends

The dictionary defines pests as an annoying or troublesome person or animal – a nuisance. We can’t do anything about irritating relatives residing under your roof, but we do have extensive experience with mice, squirrels, rats and raccoons. Unfortunately, air conditioning ducts and idle furnaces are perfect places for animals to nest. It may surprise you to know that rodents chewing on wires can cause extensive damage to HVAC systems and even trigger fires. Up to 20 percent of fires with an “unknown origin” are attributed to exposed wires from rodent chewing.

Steps to Take to Eliminate Pests

Protect your family, home and investment by taking these steps:

  • Be Aware

    Rats and mice are particularly adept at hiding out. We’ve performed many air duct inspections and informed shocked homeowners they’ve got a rodent infestation problem on their hands. “I had no idea,” is the usual response from the distressed residents. Rodents leave telltale signs and droppings. Also, heat from the furnace will sometimes release unpleasant odors from urine or feces. A visual inspection is the best way to determine if your ducts are free from unwanted furry visitors.

  • Seal Points of Entry

    Pests can find their way into your house through tiny openings you would never imagine they can fit through. Attic vents and openings around your AC unit, compressor or furnaces are particularly vulnerable. Cracks and loose fittings in your duct system provide a point of entry for rodents and once they are in, they have a ready-made highway to every room in your home.

  • Schedule Your Fall Checkup

    You may be tempted to skip your fall AC tune up. Especially if your air conditioner has been running smoothly all summer. However, if you fire up your furnace and notice unwelcome odors, or if you’ve seen any telltale signs of pests, schedule a full HVAC inspection pronto.

We Love Pets – Not Pests!

Whether you have an unwanted furry guest residing in your duct, or you just want to make sure your furnace is tuned up and ready to go, please give us a call.