5 Frightening HVAC Noises and What to Do About Them

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With Halloween just around the corner, you may enjoy hearing the spooky sounds from little ghosts and goblins dressed in their costumes. Yet, haunting sounds aren’t quite so entertaining when they’re coming from your HVAC system. In fact, they can be downright alarming, so it’s a good idea to know what to do when you hear them.

Clunk, Clunk, Clunk

It’s the start of furnace season, and a banging can indicate an ignition problem. When a gas valve opens the pilot light or electric starter, it should fire up immediately. If it doesn’t the gas can make a banging sound not unlike that of a zombie knocking on a door. Like with the walking dead, you don’t want to take a wait and see approach. Instead, call out the professionals who can ensure turning on your furnace is a quieter and safer experience.

Rattle, Rattle

Could that rattling sound be from spirits from beyond? Doubtful. It’s more likely the result of a loose blower motor or fan blade in your air conditioner. As time goes on, the sound will grow louder, so why not get it fixed now?

Whining and Moaning

It may sound like ghosts are haunting your house when you hear that telltale whooshing whine or moan. However, this noise typically indicates a malfunction of your system’s motor. Often, it’s a matter of worn bearings which require a technician to replace.

Clacking and Crackling

The sound of a witch’s hands mixing up a deadly brew in her cauldron or just frozen evaporator coils on your air conditioner? The wicked sounding clacking and crackling sound you hear from your air conditioning vents is often the result of dirty evaporator coils that restrict airflow and cause ice buildup.

Have a fun and safe Halloween and don’t forget to overcome your fear of HVAC-related noises by calling Bruce’s Air Conditioning & Heating.