Summer in Phoenix, Air Conditioners and Over 100 Days of Temperatures Over 100 Degrees

By the calendar in the Old Farmer’s Almanac, meteorological summer lasts for 92 days. However, Arizona residents know better. Summer in Phoenix lasts a lot longer than 92 days. In fact, last year, the National Weather Service recorded 128 days with temperatures above 100 degrees. As a homeowner, you have one main concern when the temperature hits triple digits – keeping your air conditioner in top form so your house remains cool all summer long.

The Hottest City in America

Phoenix is known as the hottest city in America. Between the extreme temperatures, haboobs and monsoons, the Valley of the Sun earns its nickname every summer. As June approaches, keep in mind, your air conditioner will be running full tilt for most of the next four months. That can put quite a strain on the hardest working appliance in your home. Many homeowners call us and ask, “What can I do to prepare for summer?” Here are a few home cooling tips to help you get through the hottest part of the year:

  • Schedule Your AC Checkup

    We understand that might sound self-serving. However, time and again, we are deluged with calls during the first major heatwave when air conditioners are completely down, and panicky homeowners need repairs immediately. We often see problems that could have been addressed during a spring checkup. Try to remember, we recommend two service calls per year. One in spring, to prepare for summer and again in fall. When your air conditioner is serviced on a regular basis, small problems are spotted before they become big issues.

  • Sun Proof Your Home

    As much as possible, you’ll want to install heavy drapes, sun block shades or shutters to block out the sun in rooms facing south and west. The sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays not only fade furniture, rugs and carpeting – direct sunlight can raise the temperature in a room by up to ten degrees.

  • Consider Installing Shade Trees

    Shade trees and well-placed landscaping, especially planted on the south facing side of your house can help keep your home cool. Let the trees absorb the heat while you keep cool in the shade. Many homeowners are surprised to learn that landscaping can affect room temperatures inside their home.

  • Ceiling Fans Are a Must

    If you haven’t already done so, have ceiling fans installed in every room. Fans are a must in Phoenix homes, however, as years go by, homeowners don’t always replace them when they malfunction or start wobbling. Efficient fans will allow you to feel cooler while helping to lower your monthly electric bill.

Our Service Technicians Know All the Cool Tips

During a home HVAC inspection, our friendly and experienced service techs will review your entire system and provide cool tips for summer. Triple digit temperatures are not far off. Don’t wait until the heatwave hits. Call us today and we’ll get you ready for 100+ days of 100+ heat.