5 Tips for Keeping Your Commercial Space Cooler This Summer

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While summer is here, it’s still business as usual in most Arizona commercial spaces, as well as for the employees who work in them. Productivity needs to remain consistent throughout the year – even when temperatures hit the triple digits. The challenge is ensuring indoor temperature stays consistently cool and comfortable.

If you have a commercial space, you know that not only can it be difficult to maintain a consistent indoor temperature in the summer, it’s also costly. At Bruce’s Air Conditioning & Heating, we’re here to help with all your commercial air conditioning needs, including a few tips to help keep your space comfortable with costs under control.

Schedule maintenance

If you haven’t yet, make sure your HVAC system is functioning efficiently by scheduling a preventive maintenance call. Not only will we, at Bruce’s, ensure that your units are ready for the hot season ahead, we can help you increase efficiency to save you on your monthly utility bill.

Change air filters

Ensure air filter replacement is part of your regular building maintenance. By replacing or cleaning filters at least once a month, you can reduce your energy consumption by 15 percent while helping to improve indoor air quality throughout the space.

Consider energy-saving blinds

Do you have windows that let in a lot of sunlight? They also let in heat which makes it harder for your HVAC system to cool your space. With window coverings, your units don’t have to work as hard and will last longer, increasing your system’s return on investment.

Listen for potential problems

If you notice noises from an air conditioner that are growing louder, it’s worth getting your system checked out. A common problem is a cracked or broken belt, but it could be something more serious. To ensure you don’t have a system failure which could halt business altogether, be proactive with addressing possible problems.

Use ceiling fans

Ceiling fans can enable you to raise the thermostat setting by about four degrees without any noticeable impact on your employees’ comfort. By using your ceiling fans with your air conditioner, you can save money throughout the summer by creating a wind chill effect that will keep everyone cooler and more comfortable.

Don’t forget! Call Bruce’s Air Conditioning & Heating for all of your commercial air conditioning needs this summer.