In Arizona, Air Conditioning is Vital

With summer now in mid-swing, some states are experiencing their third or even fourth heatwave. Here in Arizona, we endured a severe heatwave in mid-June before summer officially started due to a massive heat dome sitting over the state. And more is sure to come before fall kicks into gear.

The July 15th U.S. Drought Monitor Western US map estimates that over 59 million people are living in drought conditions. In the Sonoran Desert, during a prolonged summer heatwave, the intensity of the stifling, triple-digit temperatures will make you gasp for air when you step outside in the heat of the afternoon sun. Is it possible that this summer will be hotter than last summer with the “non-soon” monsoon? Turns out, cool air is not only a luxury, but often a lifesaver.

Air conditioners do more than provide comfort in the Valley of the Sun. Sometimes, they literally save lives! The combination of scorching heat, forest fires, a global pandemic and extreme drought conditions makes for an uncomfortable summer. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, supplies of AC units and parts are in short supply worldwide. And many factories are running at 50% capacity. Components used in air conditioning units like steel, copper, aluminum, and duct work parts are experiencing shortages.

There has not been any type of AC system parts situation like this ever. The equipment and parts shortage are an issue for all HVAC manufacturing companies. It’s not specific to any brand or unit. This has impacted contractors, home builders, suppliers, businesses, and homeowners. As the summer heat pushes your AC system to the limit, the pandemic shortage has the potential to delay repairs. If you need your unit checked, fixed, or replaced, take care of it now.

Is Your AC System Ready?

Most homeowners rarely consider their AC until something goes wrong. The Maytag repairman might be the loneliest guy in town, but when a heatwave hits the Valley of the Sun, air conditioning repair people are in high demand! If your system has not been checked in recent months, your home feels uncomfortably warm even with the AC running, or you hear unusual sounds from your unit, don’t put off calling for service from local professionals.

Our skilled technicians will examine your entire HVAC system and give you peace of mind for the rest of the summer. Call Bruce’s Air Conditioning & Heating for servicing. Don’t take air conditioning for granted. Call us today at 480-968-5652.