Two AC Units for Two-Story Homes

In the Metro Phoenix area, there are plenty of neighborhoods that primarily have two-story homes. These include many of the newer communities in Ahwatukee, Gilbert, Laveen, Surprise, Buckeye, Avondale, and Peoria. While these homes are perfect for growing families, they can be challenging to keep room temperatures consistent with a single air conditioning unit.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Two HVAC Units

The primary issue is one of warm air rising. Usually, second level rooms will be hotter than the rest of the home, leading to one part of the house being too warm or too cold. When air conditioning units are installed for each floor, you can sustain comfortable temperatures in every room. This increases comfort, saves on energy bills, and keeps everyone in the family happy.

When your home has one air conditioning unit, you must keep every area cool at the same time. When you install a second HVAC unit, you can choose to cool only the upstairs bedrooms in the evening. Two units allows for you to turn off your upstairs AC unit when you are going to be away or mostly downstairs.

Another advantage of two air conditioning units is if one unit stops working due to monsoon storms or malfunction, you can keep your home comfortably cool while waiting for repairs to be made.

The downside? Two units double your chances of a system failure and may increase your repair costs over the lifespan of the units. Two air conditioning units are also more expensive than one to purchase, install, and maintain. However, the cost difference sometimes is not as high as you think. This is because you will need two smaller units instead of one larger unit to cool your entire residence. The additional cost of the second HVAC unit can also be offset by the ongoing energy savings. Of course, this depends on your home’s floorplan, square footage, and how you plan to use the additional air conditioner.

Another Solution: One HVAC Unit and Two Thermostats

An alternate option would be to install one zoned AC unit with two thermostats. A zoned system utilizes dampers within the ductwork that open and close to control the temperature and flow of air within each zone. This type of system costs more than a regular zone-less system, but the energy savings can be substantial over the lifespan of your unit.

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