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HVAC Trick-or-Treat Halloween Tips

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It’s Halloween season in Arizona, and you’ve been busy as a goblin preparing for the fun-filled evening. Between carving pumpkins, setting out black cat, ghost, and skeleton decorations, and hanging cobwebs on shrubs, trees, doors, and windows, you’re ready to pass out candy to all the neighborhood families and pets dressed up for Halloween. In other words, you don’t need any unplanned HVAC problems.

Treat the Air Filters

The HVAC air filter traps airborne like dust, dander, dirt, and other debris and keeps it from blocking the blower and clogging up the coils. Clogged coils can’t cool or heat air passing over them, meaning damage can occur to your system. Change out the air filter to help the HVAC run more efficiently and enjoy a longer lifespan to celebrate future Halloween holidays.

Spice Up the Thermostat

Halloween day and night can mean temperature fluctuations both indoors and outside. You’ll want to keep your HVAC system happy by reviewing the thermostat settings. Having a smart or programmable thermostat will make this task even easier as it can accommodate spikes and drops in temperature. If it’s going to be warm, you’ll want to set the thermostat a few degrees higher so that air-conditioned air isn’t blowing outside every time the door is opened for trick-or-treaters.

Keep Jack-o-Lanterns Off the HVAC

Hanging decorations outside is a long-standing Halloween tradition. But you’ll want to keep any decorations far away from the HVAC unit outdoors. Adornments on any HVAC components can result in blocked airflow or even compressor damage. You’ll need help from your local professionals to rectify these problems which can be costly.

Don’t Scare Any Air Vents

It may seem like a good idea to decorate air vents with Halloween themed items. Decorations or home furnishings shouldn’t be blocking or covering any air vents indoors. This can lead to improper air circulation or even blocked airflow.

Flames Can Be Frightening

Flammable items should be kept far away from any HVAC components. Wax candles used for Halloween decorations are highly flammable. You may want to look into safer alternatives like battery-powered candles, small flashlights, or solar candles.

Avoid Halloween HVAC Hiccups by Contacting Bruce’s

Make sure your HVAC is working at top performance levels and not bumping into anything scary. Call your professionals at Bruce’s Air Conditioning & Heating to inspect, service, repair, or replace your HVAC system at 480-968-5652. Have a frighteningly safe and fun Halloween

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