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Easy Ways to Prep Your Heating System for Arizona’s Cooler Temperatures

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Fortunately, throughout Chandler and the Valley, we don’t have to deal with extreme winter weather very often. But energy efficiency is still key in making certain your energy bill doesn’t balloon to excessive heights when the temperature dips. Follow these easy tips to get your HVAC system ready for the Arizona winter which can make a world of difference to make it through the short heating season.

Visually Inspect Your Outdoor Unit

Before chilly evening and early morning temperatures hit, you’ll want to do a brief check around the HVAC unit outside. You’ll want to make certain the area around the unit is free of any debris such as branches, shrubs, tall grasses, and weeds. Remove any large rocks or gravel that may be blocking vents.

Change Air Filters

Air filters play a critical role in keeping your HVAC system running efficiently. Checking and changing out the air filters on a regular schedule can help prevent your system from working harder, using more energy, and potentially breaking down. If you haven’t already, replace all your air filters before you turn on your heater. This will help minimize dust, mold, and other particulates being forced through your system and into your inside air.

Schedule Air Duct Cleaning

Have you noticed any unusual smells, atypical sounds, or excessive dust emitting from your indoor air vents? Your home’s air duct system, like your air filters, needs to be regularly cleaned. Dust and debris that ended up in your air conditioning unit due to summer monsoon thunderstorms and dust storms can be in the ductwork. By scheduling air duct cleaning with Bruce’s, we’ll thoroughly inspect and clean the air ducts. This will improve your indoor air quality and increase the lifespan of your Chandler home’s HVAC system.

Check Thermostat Settings

Check your thermostat settings to make sure it has been switched over from cool to heat. The

thermostat’s fan setting should be set on “Auto” to avoid blowing cool air through the vents. This allows the thermostat to modulate indoor temperatures without using excessive energy.

Contact Bruce’s Heating and Cooling Professionals

Looking to prepare your heating unit for the cooler winter months? Contact our expert technicians for a duct cleaning appointment at 480-968-5652. We have extensive experience performing full HVAC system inspections to ensure your heating system is working optimally and well-prepared for winter.