How to Achieve Air-Conditioned Temperature Balance in Every Room of Your House

Summer is just around the corner, and Arizona residents know the drill. The pleasant temperatures of May will soon be replaced by scorching triple digit days of June. In the Valley of the Sun, global warming is more than a catchy phrase. When Phoenix temperatures top 100 degrees, effective, balanced air conditioning is critical – especially if you have kids home from school during the day or you work from home – or both. In spring, as people fire up their air conditioning units for the first time, we often receive calls about AC “not working” in a particular room or section of the house.

There are many reasons for temperature differences from one part of the house to another. Achieving cool temperature balance in every room in your home is a challenge that often requires professional adjustment. Depending on when your home was built, the AC balance may have become off kilter for a variety of reasons. One of the most common factors contributing to reduced airflow has to do with loose or leaky duct seams. Ducts, especially in the attic, are susceptible to extreme heat in the summer (in excess of 140 degrees) which causes them to expand and then they contract in the cooler, winter weather. This contraction process causes cracks which leak cool air.

Here are other reasons for imbalanced air conditioning:

  • Blocked or Closed Vents – Sometimes a simple home inspection will reveal vents which have been inexplicably blocked or closed for reasons unknown. Moved furniture blocking vents is very common. Vents closed during winter and forgotten happens quite often.
  • Sagging or Drooping Ducts – As years go by and houses settle, ducts can begin to droop and sag. Often cracks will appear in the sagging seams, releasing cool air in where it doesn’t belong.
  • Undersized or Improperly Installed Ducts – If your HVAC was not installed correctly to begin with then you will eventually encounter balance issues. Undersized ductwork is a problem we see time and again. There’s no excuse for it. However, it will negatively impact you air conditioner until it’s fixed.
  • Rooms Furthest Away from the Air Conditioner – When the air conditioning unit is placed at one end of the home and you have, for instance, a home office on the other end, you may encounter problems achieving the proper temperature balance. Especially if the room in question is facing south and receives significant sunlight each day. This is a particularly vexing problem that won’t be remedied until your ducts are adjusted to attain properly balanced airflow.

We would love to tell you that all the homes we service have perfect ductwork. However, that’s simply not the case. There are many more factors our expert service technicians will check when you schedule a spring tune up for your entire HVAC system. As summer approaches, be proactive. Don’t wait until the heat is on and your AC is off. Call us today for a balanced, trouble free summer of cool fun.