Getting the Most Out of Your Air Conditioner This Summer

When it comes to air conditioning, many desert dwellers tell themselves they don’t mind paying a little extra during the summer months for relief from the sweltering Arizona heat. Any time you’re out and about in withering triple digit temperatures, you’re reminded just how serious the heat can be in the aptly named Valley of the Sun. It’s comforting to know, when you get home you can turn up the air conditioning and literally chill out. However, as the utility bills soar through the summer, and the charges add up, you might ask yourself, “Isn’t there something I can do to lower my utility bills?”

April Is the Perfect Month to Prepare for Summer

Spring comes early to Phoenix, and summer often overstays its welcome. In April, temperatures are still moderate, generally hovering in the low to mid-eighties. It’s ideal, shirt sleeves weather and the perfect time of year to schedule a spring tune up to assess all the major systems designed to keep your house cool during the long summer months ahead. Remember, there’s more to creating total home AC comfort than changing the air filters from time to time. Here’s a list of other strategies that can help reduce your energy profile when it comes to cooling your home:

  • Schedule Your Spring HVAC Inspection – One of the most important items on an AC checklist is to schedule the professionals from Bruce’s Air Conditioning to perform a complete inspection and evaluation of your entire HVAC system. With components located inside, outside and in many homes, up on the roof, air conditioning systems are incredibly complex and contain numerous electrical, mechanical and moving parts that need to be checked and fine-tuned to maximize efficiency. For instance, if your AC system is low on refrigerant or has dirty condenser coils, it will need to work harder and use more energy to lower the temperature in your home.
  • Upgrade to a Programmable Thermostat – If you have an older, manual thermostat, you know how easy it is to forget to turn it down when you go out or on extended trips. Wi-fi enabled, programmable smart thermostats learn your routine and regulate settings according to your habits, such as when you go to work and when you’re home on weekends. And they adjust the temperature throughout the night. You can program your thermostat from an app on your mobile device. By giving you more control, smart thermostats pay for themselves with the money you save on energy.
  • Add Ceiling Fans and Switch to Block Out Window Shades – Ceiling fans do a great job of creating breezes that make you feel cooler. This allows you to set your thermostat a few degrees higher, particularly at night. If you haven’t already installed fans throughout your home, consider doing so before the summer hits. Solar UV block out window shades can help reduce the temperature in your home by keeping the sun’s heat and harmful UV rays out, especially on large, south facing windows. It’s also a great idea to do a walk-through inspection of your home to make sure your vents are not blocked.

Cool Air from Your HVAC Unit Will Make This Summer a Breeze

Setting aside a few hours on a Saturday afternoon in April or May to prepare your house for the hot summer ahead will pay big dividends in your monthly electric bill. Remember, small problems brushed off in springtime can lead to bigger breakdowns in the middle of summer. Why not schedule your spring service today, before the truly hot weather descends on the valley?