5 Common Sense Air Conditioning Tips

5 Common Sense Air Conditioning TipsYour air conditioner is an important component of your home and something you count on to work properly – especially during the hot summer months. This is why it’s one of the things you should monitor on a regular basis to keep it working at top efficiency when you need it.

5 Tips For Optimal Operating AC System

Let’s go over 5 things that we all should know, and should be doing ourselves. We don’t realize how important our AC system is until it stops working.

Tip #1

The most important piece of advice any professional air conditioner technician will tell you is that regularly scheduled maintenance is an absolute must. This is the best way to head off any problems before they occur.  When you consider the cost of a new unit, you can’t help but see the value in protecting it with a regular tune-up. Your system should be checked 1-2 times a year, to guarantee the system is working properly. Make sure you check your warranty on your system, some brands require you to have a schedule maintenance performed to keep your system warranty valid.

Tip #2

The next important preventative tip is to change the filter monthly. Our dusty surroundings can quickly clog filters which can put extra stress on your air conditioning system and reduce its ability to cool your home. By getting into the regular routine of changing out your filters on a monthly basis, you can definitely extend the life of your A/C.

Tip #3

Air Conditioning Installation

The third tip is to hang on to your air conditioner’s paperwork. There will be important information concerning its use and warranty that you may need if a problem should arise. It’s also a good idea to read the system’s manual so that you can get an understanding of how it works.

Tip #4

If your unit is located outside, you will want to remove vegetation and debris from around it on a regular basis. Both the coils and the drain can quickly get clogged – putting your system at risk of a failure.  As part of regular maintenance, a technician can clean both the coils and the drain to keep it running efficiently.

Tip #5

Install a programmable thermostat to efficiently regulate the temperature of your home. This can reduce the load on your system and also save you money on your monthly utility bill. Since 1972, Bruce’s Air Conditioning has been providing professional air conditioning service throughout the Phoenix metro area. Schedule a maintenance check today. Call anytime you need service or the installation of a new unit. We’re your trusted source for keeping your home cool and comfortable.