Commercial Air Conditioning Strategies in the Age of Covid-19

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As health experts continue to learn more about the spread of COVID-19, there is plenty of evidence that indicates the virus can be spread through airborne transmission. Thus, there is potential that an HVAC system could spread the virus when high-speed air flows past an infected person to others. This fact is something that has employers and commercial building managers concerned as employees begin to return to workplaces. As your commercial HVAC system experts in Chandler, AZ and throughout the greater Phoenix area, we wanted to offer some guidance that could help mitigate the risk through this route.

Circulation and Airflow Management

One primary goal for commercial HVAC during this time is to increase the rate of exchange with fresh air from the outside of a building. This reduces the recirculation of air. Evaluating ducting and potentially reconfiguring it can be beneficial. As well, adjusting settings to prevent the system from shutting down overnight and on weekends can also help.

There has been some evidence to indicate that taking measures to modify indoor airflow patterns can also play a role in reducing transmission. This includes ensuring a slow, steady air speed and directing potentially contaminated air out of rooms and away from occupants.

Upgrading HVAC Equipment

As buildings regain usage, it may also be time to consider upgrading HVAC equipment. For example, replacing fixed-speed fan motors with variable-speed ones can improve airflow. As well, it may make sense to install an air purification system which can improve indoor air quality (IAQ) and even deactivate viruses circulating through the air. At Bruce’s, our technicians are licensed to test indoor air quality and install commercial air purifiers.

While modifications to HVAC systems will not completely eliminate the virus, they can be part of a comprehensive effort to reduce the spread of it. To learn more about how Bruce’s Air Conditioning & Heating can be part of your business’s “return to work” plan, call us today at 480-968-5652.