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American Standard HVAC Replacement Options

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Tired of warm nights, escalating energy bills, and unexpected repair costs? It may be time to replace your HVAC system. Did you know that Bruce’s Air Conditioning & Heating is a certified American Standard HVAC dealer, providing industry-leading, affordable, and long-lasting systems for your cooling and heating needs? And with the passage of the 2022 Inflation Reduction Act, there’s an opportunity to save even more on specific products. Here’s how some of American Standard’s products can be a good fit for your home.

HVAC Systems

Here are five reasons to consider replacing your HVAC system.

  1. Your HVAC system is over 10 years old.
  2. You’d like to lower your monthly energy bills with a more energy efficient model.
  3. Your home’s indoor air quality has been deteriorating.
  4. You’re ready to take advantage of new federal tax credits, financial incentives, and potential rebates.

Beginning in 2023, HVAC system efficiency measures were increased for air conditioning units. What that means for you is systems manufactured this year are at least 30% more energy efficient than models from five or ten years ago. By replacing your outdated HVAC system with a new silver, gold, or platinum American Standard unit, you’ll be saving thousands of kilowatt hours of energy over the lifetime of the AC unit and prevent tens of thousands of pounds of greenhouse gas emissions according to Plus, the federal government offers a tax credit on the purchase and installation of a new American Standard air conditioner.

Heat Pumps

A new heat pump may be the solution for your home if you’re replacing or upgrading all or part of your HVAC system. Heat pumps are like a combination of an air conditioning unit and a furnace. They’re extremely energy efficient and environmentally friendly. Bruce’s offers a number of American Standard heat pumps to match your requirements, and heat pumps are eligible for new federal tax credits.

Ductless HVAC Systems

A ductless HVAC system can be a great solution if you’re adding on another bedroom or an office. When you add on an addition, you’re increasing the workload on the entire system if you add ductwork. Ductless systems are more efficient because you’re able to control the temperature in just one room instead of the entire house. When the room doesn’t need to be cooled, that part of the ductless system can be turned off requiring less energy.

Ready to learn more about why American Standard air conditioners and heat pumps are a smart energy-efficient home investment? Call your local Bruce’s experts today at 480-968-5652 to schedule an appointment. We’re your cooling and heating professionals—serving the entire greater Phoenix area.

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