American Standard Affordable and Efficient HVAC Solutions

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Warm weather is just around the corner in the Valley of the Sun, making it an ideal time to consider replacing that older, power-hungry HVAC system. The cost of maintaining a unit that is past its prime can be both expensive and stressful. Here are some key questions to ask yourself, details on who builds the most reliable HVAC systems, and where to get local expertise for purchasing and installation.

What’s Your Home Environment

Are your monthly utility bills high? New energy guidelines for HVAC systems, established by the U.S. Department of Energy, require units to have a minimum SEER efficiency rating of 13. Older units may have a SEER rating as low as 6. Replacing a unit that is 10 years or older can save you as much as 20% to almost 53% per year on electricity costs, maintenance, and servicing.

Does your home have rooms that are too hot or too cold? A new unit provides not only greater efficiency with a higher SEER rating, but also increased comfort for your family. Newly installed ductwork resolves this situation with uneven distribution of heat and cool air in your house.

Does anyone in your family have respiratory issues or allergies? Newer HVAC systems can immediately improve your home’s indoor air quality. Higher SEER rated HVAC components help keep your home’s environment healthy for your family by removing indoor pollutants that get trapped inside better insulated and more tightly sealed modern homes.

Why Buy American Standard

American Standard has been manufacturing high-quality, American-made products since the American Radiator Company, founded in 1892, merged with the Standard Sanitary Manufacturing Company, founded in 1875. Investing in a new heating and air conditioning system is a big decision and you want confidence not only in the manufacturer, but also who they appoint as a local dealer. Bruce’s Air Conditioning & Heating is a certified HVAC dealer for American Standard, and our technicians provide deep product knowledge and installation expertise. We have up-to-date information on the best financing available, rebates, tax incentives, discounts, and warranties.

Call Bruce’s

Our friendly and knowledgeable pros are ready to help you select the right HVAC system to match your home’s environment and budget. We offer free and competitive price quotes on purchasing and installing American Standard HVAC systems. Connect now with your knowledgeable experts at Bruce’s Air Conditioning & Heating. Call Bruce’s today at 480-968-5652.