Your Heater Shouldn’t Be Making These Noises

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Your home’s heating system is likely one of the most overworked and overlooked parts of your HVAC system during winter months. Most often, it’s just doing its job heating your home to comfortable levels. But, when it begins making strange or loud sounds, it may be time to call in your expert, local professionals. Let’s explore some unusual noises that may be coming from your heater and what they may mean.

Squealing or Whining

Hearing a high-pitched squeal or whining noise from your heater? It may be the blower motor bearings overheating caused by two potential culprits. The first scenario happens when the blower motor gets extremely hot due to some type of blockage. The bearings will begin to fail prematurely and the heater will eventually stop working properly. The second potential cause may be from bad capacitors. Capacitors wear down over time and need to be replaced.

Whistling Sounds

That whistling sound may simply be due to a clogged air filter restricting air flow. The noise may also be caused from a leak in the air duct or faulty connections to the main ducting trunkline.

Popping Noises

If you notice a loud popping noise when your heater is starting to run, it may be due to inflation in the air ducts. When the heating cycle kicks in, the blower motor begins distributing warm air through the air ducts. When warm air reaches cold air ducts in your home, the metal enlarges and may cause popping noises. If the popping noises don’t dissipate over time, then there may be a problem with wiring, dirt or debris or even a loose screw.

Humming and Buzzing

Heaters often have low humming or buzzing sounds when running. A cause for concern is when these noises become markedly louder. The blower fan may be damaged or a capacitor may be short-circuiting.


Hearing screeching noises when your heater is on? Most commonly, a motor bearing, belt or even the motor itself can create these disturbing sounds.


Chirping may be induced by the heater not running for a while. If the noise continues or grows worse, it may be an indication of a failing belt.

Call Bruce’s

If you are unsure about any noise your heating system is making, the safest thing to do is call your friendly local Valley-wide experts in HVAC servicing, repair, and installation at Bruce’s Air Conditioning & Heating. Call Bruce’s today at 480-968-5652.