Air Conditioning A-B-Cs – A Simple System for Home Comfort

Let’s face it. Managing a household is more easily said than done. Between landscaping, pool maintenance, HVAC, normal home repairs, odd jobs and honey-dos, it’s more than a full-time job. As appliances and home systems become more complex (such as wi-fi networks, cable or satellite television and home alarm systems with cameras) keeping track with what needs to get done on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis becomes more challenging. Homeowners are faced with so many demands on their time, it helps to have some simple systems in place to lighten the workload.

Air Conditioning ABCs

During the summer months in Arizona, air conditioners are arguably the most important appliance you own. Homeowners often forget about their AC systems because they generally provide good, reliable service quietly, coolly and effectively. For many people, setting the thermostat is the extent of their AC involvement. That is, until it breaks down. Here are a few ABCs of air conditioning service that will aid you in keeping your system in top form.

  • A is for Air Filters – Changing your air filters on a monthly basis, especially in Arizona, is a great habit to get into. Living in Phoenix means dealing with tons of ultra-fine desert dirt swirling through the air during monsoon season dust storms. The extremely hot, dry climate and excess of particulate matter and dust floating in the air necessitates paying attention to your filters. Homeowners with cats or dogs know that dander can accumulate at an alarming rate. Clean air filters are your best defense against a home full of pet generated dander.
  • B is for Breaker Switch – If your air conditioning unit stops working, the first thing you should always do is check your breaker switch. Power outages, power surges, lightening, storms and brown outs can trip your breaker. Many times, power will go out for a brief moment then back on without you realizing what has happened. Yet, 30 minutes later, you notice your house is getting warm. Over the years, we’ve made numerous service calls for worn down, faulty or easily tripped breaker switches.
  • C is for Capacitors – Actually, your air conditioner has a lot of Cs in it. Capacitor, compressor, condenser, coils, contactor – of these, one of the most common air conditioner repairs is replacing burned-out capacitors. In fact, more than two-thirds of all air conditioning repairs are related to electrical problems, which leads us to our final ABC bullet point.
  • ABC – Always Be Careful – Your air conditioner is powered by high voltage electricity. Electric motors, fans, wires and parts are not for amateurs. Know your limitations when dealing with your air conditioner. Capacitors contain hazardous materials. You may be tempted to make what looks like an easy repair, but electrical jobs can be tricky. Leave electrical repairs to the pros.

The Best Advice for Keeping Your Air Conditioner in Top Form

Scheduling regular maintenance on your AC system twice a year, in spring and in fall, is the best advice we can offer to keep your AC system running smoothly. Why not call Bruce’s Air Conditioning & Heating today at 480-968-5652.