You Can Rely on Bruce’s and American Standard for All Your Air Conditioning Needs

With the hot summer months once again upon us, it becomes harder to overlook an aging, less-than-efficient air conditioner. The cost of maintaining a unit that is past its prime can be both costly and frustrating – especially when malfunctions turn into costly repairs and uncomfortable downtime.

As a proud American Standard Customer Care dealer, we, at Bruce’s provide a unique benefit to homeowners in Tempe and surrounding areas. Our deep product knowledge and installation expertise means you have a partner by your side when it’s time for a replacement. We also have the most current information on financing, rebates, warranties and discounts. By choosing us as your HVAC services provider, you have a partner and the products that you can feel confident about for many years to come.

Why American Standard?

For nearly 140 years, American Standard has enabled Americans to stay cool and comfortable with world-class air conditioning systems. Consistently ranked the #1 air conditioner by a leading consumer report, American Standard offers a unique mix of efficiency, reliability and comfort. American Standard offers a wide range of high-performing HVAC systems that work intelligently to manage home energy consumptions and reduce utility costs.

Are you struggling with a less-than-optimal air conditioner? Why not call us today? We’re always here to provide a free quote and advice to help ensure you get the right air conditioner for your home and budget.

This Memorial Day, it’s a good time to reflect on our freedom and those who have served to protect it. We wish you and your family a safe and happy Memorial Day.