Why Winter Is the Right Season to Install a New Air Conditioner

It’s sweater season – even here in the Valley of the Sun. You probably aren’t thinking about the state of your air conditioner since it won’t be needed for at least a couple of months. But, if you have an aging HVAC system that you struggled with last season, you may want to consider a replacement before spring comes.

At Bruce’s Air Conditioning & Heating, we’re here for all your HVAC needs, including installations, all year long. So, doesn’t it just make sense to plan for an air conditioner installation when it’s a cool 70 degrees outside? It’s an undeniably stressful situation when your air conditioner suddenly fails in the scorching heat of the summer. By taking a planned approach to your HVAC system, we can come out and provide you with a free quote, answer all your questions and install your new unit when it suits your schedule.

A new air conditioner is an investment. So, why not take the time now, when it’s still cool, to evaluate SEER ratings, learn about your insulation options, obtain an energy audit, and find out about rebates and discounts? All these things can greatly impact what you pay up front, as well as what you’ll be paying later in terms of your utility bills.

Another consideration is the newly enacted ban on R22 (Freon). If your unit is more than 10 years old, it may still be running on this now banned refrigerant. This means higher repair bills if you need refrigerant replacement.

Perhaps, Benjamin Franklin said it best – “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” Why not plan your air conditioner installation before the summer hits and save yourself money, time and hassle? We’re here to help you and can present all your options. And we’re happy to evaluate your system to determine if replacement is even the best decision. Our goal is to do what’s best for you whether it’s replace or repair. Call us today and prepare for a cool, comfortable summer season ahead.