Tips to Protect your AC During a Dust Storm

A smoothly running AC unit is a must living in Metro Phoenix—especially during the summer monsoon season. When overnight temperatures are in the low 90s and high temperatures often soar above 105 degrees, a malfunctioning air conditioner is a potential health hazard. And monsoon dust storms can make it even more challenging, by putting your HVAC system at risk. Let’s take a look at what can happen to your AC unit and ways to protect it from the common dust storms that happen throughout the Valley of the Sun.

Dust Up

Strong winds, often originating from the Casa Grande area, will carry dirt and sand in giant clouds while rolling north to the Valley of the Sun. Called a haboob, these intense dust storms can obliterate highway visibility and create a coating of dust on every surface encountered. And yes, this dust will remain inside your AC unit until it’s cleaned.

Dust Wear and Tear

Your AC unit will need to work harder to get around the coating of dust on intake spaces, fans, rotary motor, and ultimately the air filter. Built up dust can even entirely block the outdoor AC unit from drawing in air from the outdoors. Fans and the rotary motor can slow down, rapidly diminishing efficiency levels. This will result in faster system wear and tear and more service calls to fix it.

Dust Coated Condenser Coils

Condenser coils are the components helping to keep your home cool. They cool the outside air to the desired indoor temperature. Dust, dirt, and debris can act as an insulating barrier causing the AC unit to perform less efficiently. With air passing over these coils, they’re exposed to everything in the air. When the outside air is blocked by a coating of dust surrounding the coils, the air isn’t cooled properly and the unit pumps in warmer air. Your monthly utility bills will increase as the unit operates longer to compensate for reduced performance.

Clean Up

Dust storms can carry all sorts of debris that can jam fans, damage other components, and cause the unit to malfunction. Clearing out debris, sticks, leaves, pruning plants and shrubs near your outdoor unit now can help prevent some potential dust storm problems from occurring.

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