Spring Arrives Early in Arizona – Will Your Air Conditioner Be Ready?

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One of the great benefits of living in Arizona is taking advantage of the spectacular winter weather and the early arrival of spring. In February, while most of the country finds itself knee deep in winter, Phoenix residents attend spring training games in shirt sleeves and shorts. In 1946, Bill Veeck purchased the Cleveland Indians and brought them to Arizona for pre-season exhibition games. Soon after, Major League Baseball established the Cactus League, which has grown tremendously since it was founded. Last year, Cactus League games attracted 1.75 million fans and visitors from all over the world. Spring training gives pitchers and position players the opportunity to tune-up and get ready for the long season ahead. The question for your household is, with spring just around the corner, will your air conditioner be ready for the rising temperatures and the summer season of 2019?

Spring Training for Your Air Conditioner

There’s no question, your air conditioner is the workhorse of all your major household appliances. Once the hot weather kicks in, your AC unit generally runs many hours per day from early spring until late fall. Often installed on the roof, HVAC units are subjected to extreme temperatures, UV rays, high winds, dust storms, monsoon rains and other extreme desert conditions. A highly complex system loaded with fans, motors, moving parts and intricate electrical components, your air conditioner, in order to run flawlessly, requires regular service and fine tuning, just like an automobile. `

The key to trouble-free, continuous cool comfort in your home from spring training through the World Series finale, starts with an AC inspection and spring tuning well before the summer heat turns up. Here are a few of the most common issues we find after air conditioners have been sitting idle through the winter months:

  • Dirty Air Filters and Clogged Coils – After running for a full season and being idle for months, your air conditioner often suffers from dirty air filters and clogged coils. Our service technicians will install new air filters and remove the desert dust and debris from your coils and your entire unit. We will check for leaves, branches and debris blown into your air conditioner during storms, and we’ll make sure you have no animal infestations.
  • Electrical Issues – Did you know that over 80% of air conditioning break downs are related to electrical issues. From capacitors to condensers, electrical motors, fans and wiring, your AC unit has many sophisticated component parts that need to be checked regularly to make sure they are working properly. It’s important to note, many electrical parts simply wear out over time from all the heavy use under the unrelenting Arizona sun.
  • Replacing Freon and Checking for Leaks – A spring tune-up will include checking for leaks and replacing Freon as needed in your air conditioner. If it has been more than a year since your last inspection, remember the constant vibration of your AC unit can dislodge or otherwise degrade connections and couplings in your air conditioner. Leaking Freon can be damaging to your AC unit and harmful to the environment.

Why Not Have Your Spring Tune-up Done Before You Turn on Your Air Conditioner?

This year, don’t wait for something to go wrong before you call for service. Managing your home environment and personal comfort means planning ahead. We recommend one service call in early spring and another in the fall. This enables our friendly service technicians to monitor your HVAC system on a yearly basis to uncover and fix small problems before they turn in to big ones. Give us a call today!