Six Ways to Save on Heating Bills

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Homeowners across Arizona have seen energy bills skyrocket during this unseasonably cold winter. The good news is that there are some simple ways to slash your utility bills while still keeping your home toasty warm and comfortable. So, grab a comfy blanket and a warm cup of your favorite beverage, and let’s get saving!

1. Close Doors in Unused Rooms

Just like turning off the lights when you leave a room, the same thing goes for closing the door when you leave a room. Keeping the door shut enables the heat to stay in a room, enabling your HVAC system to not have to keep pumping out air to warm the room.

2.Program The Thermostat

Your thermostat can be a surprisingly effective tool when it comes to saving on your home heating bill. The Department of Energy estimates that homeowners can save up to 10% annually on their home heating bills by lowering their thermostat seven degrees. That’s a big savings by simply lowering the temperature while you’re at work, on vacation, or asleep.

3.Change Out Air Filters

You could be throwing dollars away simply because you haven’t replaced your HVAC system filters. This is an easy project that should be done each month. By doing so, you can reduce the load on your system which in turn saves you money.

4.Lower Water Heater Setting

The factory default for water heaters is typically 120 degrees. You definitely don’t need water this hot to take a shower or to do your dishes. Since the water heater is one of the primary users of electricity or gas in a home, turning down the temperature can go a long way towards reducing your heating costs.

5.Schedule Regular HVAC Maintenance

Preventative maintenance on your heating system is the best way to keep it working optimally. A system that is properly running will use less power and stay working longer.

6.Clear Heating Vents

Keep all vents and your HVAC unit outdoors free of debris and vegetation. Not only will this prevent fires, but it will also make sure your air is clean and the lifespan of your system is maintained for the duration it’s designed for.

Saving on you heating energy bills allows your budget some room to breathe. Put the savings aside and use it for your other family goals this year. The professionals at Bruce’s Air Conditioning & Heating have additional ways to help you save on your heating bills. Give us a call today at 480-968-5652.

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