Should I Repair My Air Conditioner (Again) or Purchase A New Air Conditioning System?

Homeowners are the CEOs of their own domain and allocating capital is always a crucial issue. With certain major purchases, such as an automobile or a new HVAC system for the home, the question often arises – is it best to start fresh and buy a new model? Or, is it wiser to try to squeeze one more year out of the old car or make needed repairs to the air conditioner and hope for the best through another blistering Phoenix summer? It’s a challenging question, because in both cases, you don’t want to get it wrong. You don’t want to find yourself driving through the middle of the desert in a car that breaks down, and you certainly don’t want to be roasting in your sweltering home in the middle of an Arizona heatwave without air conditioning. That’s miserable. Let’s examine the pros and cons of repair verses brand new.

How Old Is Your Air Conditioning Unit?

Given our highly mobile society and the fact that Arizona is experiencing explosive population growth, many Phoenix area residents have been in their homes less than three years. Most air conditioning units will run, on average, for eight to 10 years and sometimes longer. The point is, unless you purchased your home brand new or from a highly organized previous owner who provided you with accurate paperwork, you probably have no idea how old your air conditioning unit is. Wear and tear can be an indicator. However, when making a decision of this magnitude, it’s best to get a professional opinion on the exact age and condition of your air conditioning system.

Establish the Cost of a New System

The cost of a new air conditioning system will vary greatly depending on the size of your home, square footage, the type of system you choose, tonnage (BTU’s) difficulty of installation and various other factors. (Dutiful disclaimer: There is absolutely no way a blog post can accurately predict the cost of your new HVAC system – it’s simply not possible. That being said…) The range for a new air conditioning system is generally (not lower than) $3,500 for a smaller, simpler system up to (not more than) $14,000 for high end, mega-mansion, top of the line systems. To make an informed decision, it’s best to pick up the phone and schedule one of our expert professionals to do a cost estimate for you.

How Often Have You Repaired Your HVAC in the Last 3 Years?

Many homeowners make the mistake of going “one major repair too far.” In other words, if you’ve spent $3,000 or more on air conditioning repairs over the previous three years, you’re probably investing too much in an old system that, more than likely, needs to be replaced. In some cases, people spend thousands to yield two or three more years of service out of their unit. Is it worth it? If it’s three years of trouble free service, then yes. However, multiple major repairs are generally a strong indicator that it’s time to replace. Besides, a new energy efficient system will save you money on your electric bills and that’s cost effectiveness that needs to be factored into your decision.

Old or New, It’s Up to You

At Bruce’s Air Conditioning, we make a detailed inspection of your unit and present you with the facts and cost estimates. We want you to be a long-term customer, not a one-time buyer. We don’t believe in pressuring clients into purchasing new systems. We pride ourselves on keeping your air conditioner running for as long as possible. For an expert consultation, call us today.