To Repair or Replace Your AC Unit: That Is the Question

“To be, or not to be. That is the question.” This most famous line from Shakespeare’s Hamlet pertains to the whether or not the lead character in the play should continue to exist or not. This deep question is one that many homeowners have about their aging air conditioning unit. On one hand, it makes sense to continue to repair a quality AC unit if it has proven over the years to be a trusty source of cool air throughout the long Arizona summers. On the other hand, continuing to invest money in service and replacement parts on a system that doesn’t have nearly the energy efficiency of a newer system may not make financial sense. The key is being able to identify certain telltale signs that it’s time for a replacement.

Your AC Unit Is More Than 10 Years Old

Most older units do not have nearly the energy efficiency of today’s models. In fact, the most current, high-efficiency units offer up to a 20 percent or greater savings on monthly utility bills. Quality air conditioning systems will typically last from 12 to 18 years. Some can even last longer. If you are requiring significant repairs after five years, you may want to consider repairs because your unit likely has some good years of service left. However, one that is significantly older may not be worth the investment in repairs.

Utility Bills Are Continuing to Climb

While it’s normal to have fluctuations in your utility bill based on changes in your consumption, there’s a problem if your bill is consistently going up month after month. This is an indicator that your cooling system is no longer providing the efficiency you require for your home.

Your Cooling System Is Noisy

Although no HVAC system is completely silent, excessive noise indicates a potential problem. Most often, it’s an issue with a coil or with an undersized duct system. Often, this is an early indicator that it’s time for a new unit.

Excessive Repair Costs

If your system requires repairs, and they will cost more than $500, it may just make more financial sense to replace it. Some homeowners believe that it’s more affordable to kick the can down the road and replace at a later date. However, when you add up the cost of repairs, time, and reduced energy efficiency, it often is more financially savvy to replace than repair.

Need Help Determining the Future of Your AC Unit?

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