Protecting Your Air Conditioning Unit During an Arizona Dust Storm

Monsoon season has hit late this year, but it’s finally here. That means a unique combination of strong winds, thunderstorms and dust clouds that can blanket the sky – and your air conditioning unit. If you’ve been wondering how to protect your AC system from harsh Arizona summer weather, you’re not alone. It’s a common concern that our customers raise.

First, there’s good news to share. Even the most ominous monsoon storm doesn’t usually impact the function of your air conditioner. That’s because it’s a closed system. That means that dust outside shouldn’t make its way inside your equipment. Thus, dust that does enter your home probably makes its way there via windows and doors. Yet, even though your air conditioner can handle a summer storm, it’s important to maintain it throughout the season to ensure it runs at peak performance. This means:

  • Changing filters on a regular basis

    Dust storms can lead to air filters becoming clogged faster than normal. And dirty filters reduce air flow, decreasing your system’s efficiency and ultimately making it work harder. Because monsoon dust storms happen every year, you may want to invest in washable electrostatic filters that can be cleaned instead of replaced.

  • Flushing the condensation line

    This task takes mere minutes, but it can help keep your system operating efficiently. Simply remove the line from your air conditioning unit and flush a mixture of water and bleach through it.

  • Checking ducts

    Extreme wind can sometimes blow your ducts out of position. And even a small opening in your ductwork can impact indoor air quality and your system efficiency. If you see hanging or open ducts, you can either screw them back together or tape them at the seam.

In the desert, your air conditioner is an essential piece of equipment. So, it only makes sense to take care of it before, during and after a monsoon storm. If you’re unable to maintain your unit or if you’d rather have a professional handle your maintenance, call Bruce’s Air today. We’re available 24 hours a day for all of your HVAC needs.