Maintaining Your Phoenix Rental Property’s Air Conditioner

With the growing popularity of the Phoenix metro area, it’s no wonder that many people are investing in rental properties. While there’s plenty of money to be made on rental units at all price points, it’s important to carefully consider air conditioner maintenance to sustain a steady income stream.

Buying a Rental Property

If you’re purchasing a rental property in Phoenix or in a surrounding city, it’s important to have the air conditioning system carefully inspected by a licensed HVAC contractor. Although the property inspection executed as part of the purchase contract will provide some insights into the state of the air conditioner, a qualified technician can help you better understand what you’re getting when you buy the property. This includes the lifespan remaining on the unit, possible problem areas and how much maintenance it needs.

Protect Your Investment with a Maintenance Contract

Just as important as with a property you own and occupy, you need to have a maintenance contract on your rental unit’s air conditioner. If you have tenants that neglect to tell you of a minor leak or other malfunction, it can result in property damage or other costly problems. Consistent, quality maintenance is your first line of defense against having this happen. Small issues can be prevented or fixed before they turn into full-blown rental property emergencies.
While it’s wonderful if you have a diligent tenant, many are not, especially when it comes to proactive maintenance like changing out air filters. If they’re forgetting to change them on a regular schedule, the technician can offer a gentle reminder during a maintenance check.

It’s the Law

Here in Arizona, tenants have the right to remedy an air conditioning problem if it isn’t handled in a timely manner. To be more specific, the tenant must give written notice to the landlord that repairs are needed, and they must be completed within five days. If they’re not, the tenant has the right to substitute services which can include moving to temporary housing, purchasing an AC wall unit or making the repairs to the broken unit.

In other words, you don’t want to put your tenant in the position of taking these legal steps. The best way to prevent this is to maintain your rental property’s air conditioner and ensure you have a reliable source for HVAC services if and when you need them. At Bruce’s Air Conditioning and Heating, we offer a full range of HVAC services for rental properties. Whether you have one unit or hundreds, we can help you maintain your investment with reliable cooling and heating solutions that will support your investment strategy.

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