If It Looks Like A Duct, Acts Like A Duct and Leaks Like A Duct – It Might Be A Leaky Duct

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Modern air conditioning is a clever invention that combines technology, electric motors, fans, compressors, coils, refrigerant and more to produce cold air on demand. In addition to that, as you know from paying your monthly utility bill, a lot of electricity is used to power your AC unit. All this effort and energy goes into creating cold air which is then dispersed by the blower throughout your home through your ductwork system. Unsung and unseen, your ducts are the final piece of the puzzle that delivers precious cold air which keeps you comfortable all summer long.

How Much Cold Air Are You Losing Through Leaky Ducts?

Ducts are not only the most overlooked components in your HVAC system but quite possibly the biggest offenders when it comes to lowering the overall efficiency of your air conditioning system. Did you know that faulty ductwork can allow 20, 30 or even 40 percent of your valuable cold air to escape through leaks and openings? In our many years providing AC service in Phoenix, we have seen all kinds of unfortunate duct-tales. Here are the most common duct related problems which are all very fixable:

  • Expansion and Contraction – Ductwork, especially in an attic is subject to extreme heat in the summertime. The temperature on your roof can exceed 140 degrees. Over time, your ducts expand in the intense heat and contract with the cold air. This punishing process of constant expansion and contraction can loosen joints, connectors and seals and cause leaks.
  • Foundation and Settling – As gravity works its magic on your house and the foundation settles, parts of your home may move slightly or get out of alignment. Foundation issues are very common in Arizona homes. Crossover areas where ducts connect from one part of the house to another are particularly susceptible to getting off kilter which can cause leaks.
  • Problems with Original Installation – Depending on the contractor who did the original HVAC installation when your house was built, you may have problems that have never been detected. It pains us to perform a duct system inspection only to find out work was left undone or unfinished years ago and the homeowner has been paying the price ever since.
  • Remodeling and Clumsy Repairs – We’ve seen a lot of damage done to ductwork (especially ceiling ducts) during remodeling projects by clumsy repairmen who weren’t paying attention to what they were doing or where they were stepping. Knocking a duct out of alignment to get at something else is unfortunately a very common occurrence.

The Good News Is Fixing Your Ducts Produces Immediate Results

Inspecting your ductwork, sealing leaks and closing holes in your duct system will pay significant dividends in terms of delivering more cold air where it belongs – in your home. There’s been a tremendous amount of construction over the last 50 years in Phoenix. Many homes that were built decades ago have never had their ducts checked. It’s something most homeowners simply haven’t considered having done.

Leaky Ducts Are Costing You Bucks!

An Arizona home air conditioning system represents a sizeable investment on your part. The actual cost of electricity can amount to 60 percent of your monthly utility bill in the summer. It’s a shame to allow your cold air to vanish into thin air due to leaky ducts. Give us a call so we can schedule a duct inspection today.