What to Do with Your HVAC System While on a Winter Vacation

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Who doesn’t like a winter getaway? Whether you’re hitting the slopes or jetting off to a tropical locale, there are ways to lower your utility bill while you’re on vacation. If you consider that you can save one percent for each degree adjustment every eight hours, it’s easy to calculate a significant savings if you cut back several degrees while you’re away from home. The following are some best practices for your HVAC system while you’re on a winter vacation.

Don’t Completely Turn Off Your Unit

One of the mistakes most commonly made by homeowners is completely turning off their system while they’re gone. The problem is air can’t circulate efficiently, which can result in condensation and ultimately mold and other problems. It also takes more energy to return your home back to a normal temperature once you’ve returned.

Keep Windows and Doors Locked and Shut Completely

This is not only a good safety practice, it will also enable you to use less energy while you’re away because it will be easier to maintain a consistent indoor temperature. With less temperature variation, your system won’t have to work as hard.

Lower Your Thermostat by Four Degrees

Many homeowners are unsure of what temperature to set their thermostat before heading off on vacation. In the winter, lowering the thermostat by around four degrees is optimal because it will prevent your heat pump or heater from having to work too hard to get things reheated once you return from out of town.

Prepare for Bad Weather

Winter storms can cause debris to restrict the air flow to your outside HVAC unit. Before heading out of town, make sure to clear your yard of low-hanging tree limbs, overgrown shrubs, leaves and other debris.

Get an HVAC System Check

The best way that you can prepare your HVAC system any time of the year is with a service maintenance contract. This ensures that you’re getting the year-long protection you need whether you’re home or enjoying some time away. Call Bruce’s Air Conditioning & Heating today to learn more about affordable, convenient HVAC maintenance at 480-968-5652.